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Lecher is a anime/manga concept
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Junpei Hayami

Junpei is the youngest son of Danbei Hayami. He assists his brother in helping Honey in her quest in stopping Panther Claw. He is also quite the pervert like his father.

Kakeru Kurosawa

Main character of Onani Master Kurosawa.

Kanako Miyamae

A new transfer student to Ame no Kisaki, an all girl Catholic school. She's a well meaning and hyper girl, but is a lesbian with an allergy to boys. Subject to frequent nose bleeds.

Kanta Mizuno

A lecherous mercenary of the Handyman Guild. He is overly obsessed with big boobs and sex, but is highly professional, and intelligent in accomplishing his tasks or jobs no matter the cost.

Kaoru Satou

A nineteen year old freshman student at K University, Kaoru Satou finds a house to rent a room from the landlord so he can focus on his education. Unfortunately, the female tenants that live there have differing opinions on letting a man live with them! Can Kaoru make it work?

Kazuhara Fukuyama

Kazuharu Fukuyama is a super rich boy who is popular with all the ladies. He's perverted young man who tries to have his way with any woman he meets. He bullies Yukinari, but he has an allergy to the touch of men.

Keiichi Maebara

One of the main male protagonists of the "Higurashi" saga. He got transferred into Hinamizawa at the start of the show.

Keisuke Saji

16-year old Keisuke Saji loves to fantasize about young beautiful women. He hopes to land the object of his affection, Koizumi Akira.

Kensei Ma

The lecherous master of Chinese Martial Arts

Kenta Yamaoka

A victim of Hiruma's blackmailing and a bench player for the Deimon Devil Bats. He is actually a basketball player who is forced onto the football team.

Kid Muscle

Son of the legendary wrestler King Muscle, and the 59th prince of Kinniku Planet. Kid Muscle is considered to be the greatest wrestler in the Universe!


The infamous dirty old man of Azumanga Daioh, Mr. Kimura is a classical Japanese teacher, who freely admits that he became a teacher out of his love for highschool girls.

Kintaro Oe

The pervy protagonist of Golden Boy

Kisaku Ito

The all-purpose lecher and pervert.

Kobayashi Hiro

High school student who has been chosen to save the earth provided he passes the tests given by the alien Yamada Meteor.

Koichi Shidou

Koichi Shidou is the teacher of Class 3-A from Fujimi High School. He is seen as an egotistical man who plans on ruling the new world with the loyal cult of former students.


Koma is a perverted demon, a Komainu, that Aoi made a contract with to get more power.


A modified soul who lives in a stuffed lion when not in Ichigo Kurosaki's body.


Kosame is one of Risa's loyal attendants along with her partner, Hayate. She is skilled in combat and operations. Kosame is normally strong and stoic, but when Kirie is involved she's a complete lech.


The (supposed)owner of the Pension Junpei and his friends work at during the summer.

Kousuke Utsumi

A pervert that holds a grudge against Nanase Kudo.


The head chef of the Pension Junpei and his friends work at during the summer.

Kyousuke Imadori

Imadori is a dim-witted pervert who is very fond of D-cups. He can easily guess a girl's bra size just by looking at her chest.

Kōta Shibaki

Kōta Shibaki is a young perverted boy who loves animals as much as women. One day, he accidentally made a contract with Rurumo to obtain panties in exchange for his life.

Lavinia Reberth

The lowest-scoring Reasoner of the Space Squadron in Basion Academy. She's completely infatuated with Sara and constantly tries to win her over.

Mackey Stingray

Sylia's little brother who assists his sister with her Knight Saber escapades.

Makita Yousuke

A college-aged man who is enlisted by the Tachibana family to help their daughter Yuuna prepare for her high school exam, Makita Yousuke does his best to help her improve her studying. He later gets wrapped up in her constant sexual advances upon him and becomes her lover.

Master Alice

Master Alice is the powerful but lecherous witchcraft master of Kyoko Kagami and Sara Saionji. She uses her magic to keep a youthful body.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is a legendary martial arts master who trains some of the Z-fighters during Dragon Ball. He also developed the Kamehameha wave.


Matsuda is Issei's friend and a member of the perverted trio. Matsuda is a lolicon.


Deranged Pop Band Fan Turned Stalker


One of Dandy's partners who like him, enjoys ogling the girls at "Boobies".


Mikoto is a trained female ninja (kunoichi) but works as a carpenter in training. Her only real goal is to get close to Rin. She acts more like a lecherous old man. She is possibly one of the only young girls not after Ikuto.


One of InuYasha's entourage. He is cursed, and has a vacuum in his right hand that banishes enemies..


A Digimon created by Yukio Oikawa who is Arukenimons partner.


A very perverted robot who was originally a standard helper robot for Seina Yamada in the GP Academy. His altered personality was caused by a short circuit from Amane's modifications.

Next-Door Neighbor

Next-Door Neighbor is the neighbor of Takuto Hasegawa in his apartment building and often listens into the conversations with the wrong idea.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

One of Trigun's most important characters, Vash's best friend


Miko Mido's loyal and somewhat lecherous ninja sidekick.

Nobuyuki Masaki

Tenchi Masaki' s Lecherous Father.



A cowardly shape-shifting pig. He joins Goku's quest for the dragon balls in the hope of stealing them. He made the first wish on the Dragon Balls in the original series. for the world's most comfortable underwear, he got a pair of panties.


The principal of Tristain Academy of Magic.

Paio Zi

Paio Zi is a member of a bounty hunting gang. She is often mistaken for being a man due to her large outfit and obsession with breasts.


a Demon Card member who was one of Shuda's followers.

Prince Lotor

Evil son of the Drule King Zarkon. He has an attraction to Princess Allura.

Principal Toenail of Satan

The main villain of Kekko Kamen who is the wicked principal of the Academy. He is extremely perverted and obtains satisfaction from sexually humiliating the female student body, especially Mayumi Takahashi.


Slaves of demons and angels

Professor Frankram Stein

Professor Frankram Stein is an otaku animal-ear loving teacher at Magician's Academy.

Professor Shibamata

Professor Shibamata is a world famous scientist who is world renowned for his advancements in robot girls.

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