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Le Chevalier D'Eon is an anime series in the Le Chevalier d'Eon franchise
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D'Eon de Beaumont

He is the brother of Lia de Beaumont. He is an expert swordsman and serves as a member of King Louis XV's secret police. He is obsessed with uncovering the mystery of his sister's murder. Furthermore, he takes it upon himself to exact Lia's revenge on her murderers.


He is minor knight in the court of King Louis XV. He works together with D'Eon de Beaumont to help solve the mystery of Lia's murder.

Lia de Beaumont

Lia is the sister of D'Eon Beaumont. She served as courtier and spy for the court of Louis XV. She was murdered and her spirit wandered restlessly until it finally took hold of her brother's body.

Louis XV

Louis XV is King of France in the 18th century. He is a major player involved with the intrigues surrounding the Psalms of the King and murder of Lia de Beaumont.

Marquise de Pompadour

She is the mistress of King Louis XV. She is secretly committed to the revolutionary cause in France. She is somehow involved in the murder of Lia de Beaumont and seeks to foil all D'Eon de Beaumont's actions.


He is a servant of the Queen of France and sent to serve and protect D'Eon. He is one of the first to witness D'Eon's transformation into his sister Lia and actually explains it to D'Eon.


He is the swordsmaster who trained D'Eon and Lia de Beaumont. He retains close ties with D'Eon and aids him in the investigation to solve Lia's murder.

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