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Hello, everyone! And welcome to another blog by DHK. Sorry, I haven't been writing that much blogs, I have been busy with life and also sorry for not doing that contest I said I'll do in the last blog (I still planning to do it, just need the time). Any who, before January ends I'll do my top 5 list of 2013. I decided to go with the best chapters of last year, because last year was the year of the Simulcasting Manga. With that said, here is my rules for my list

There will be spoilers in this list

  1. I only using chapters that came out in 2013
  2. I only using chapters I read in 2013
  3. I only using the official chapters
  4. I only using one chapter per series

I guess, I'll start with one honorable mention. This chapter is awesome, but didn't cut it for the real list

Honorable Mention

One Piece: Chapter 731 - Operation Dressrosa S.O.P.

This was an amazing chapter of One Piece, it have one of the best moments in the series. The reveal of Sabo was nicely done, and both him and Koala being part of the Revolutionary Army and Koala being the first human user of Fishman Karate was just amazing and made sense in story. And we found about Toy Soldier's plan and the person behind turning people into Toys. It was all round a good chapter. But I don't feel it was the best for this year

My Top Five Chapters Of 2013

5. Fairy Tail: Chapter 358 - The Devil Particles

This was an amazing chapter of Fairy Tail, it build up the villain of the arc to be a force to deal and show how dangers they our by taking out Laxus and his Thunder God Tribe and killing one hundred people. That show, the usual Fairy Tail's brute force won't work on these new enemies and they have to be more careful. But with recent FT chapters the villain feel like the same villains from the other arcs, so I hope FT build threat back up

4. World Trigger: Chapter 40 - Yuma Kuga: Part 8

World Trigger didn't start out that good, but it have been growing on me. This chapter show Yuma wasn't like the other Shonen heroes who usually new to everything and pure, Yuma is different because he already a skillful soldier who have seen combat in has day. He pretty much a cold blood killer when he isn't making a duck face. He pretty much destroy Shun Midorikawa for disrespecting his pal Osamu

3. The Seven Deadly Sins: Chapter 22 - A Pursuer to Fear

This chapter was a great battle chapter, it introduce one of my favorite characters of the Deadly Sins, Holy Knight Guila. I really enjoy the art and the action, it show Guila was a force to deal and how far she'll go to inforce her sense of Justice. I also like the fact nobody really explain their powers to the enemy (Bleach), it them feel more smarter in figuring out their enemy powers. Also the cliffhanger with Ban and King was cool

2. One-Punch Man: Bonus Chapter

One-Punch Man is one of my favorite Manga at the moment, I love the story and the art it was an all round good manga. Anyway, this bonus chapter was amazing. It show us the point of view of a police force in a super hero world and how they are being overshadow by the Superheroes. In the mainstream comics, we never really a view of the police and how they feel about the heroes, they usually cart the villain to jail or high five Spider-Man for doing a good job. It was pretty cool seeing the police's point of view in the matter

1. One Piece: Chapter 700 - His Momentum

This is my favorite chapter of 2013, this chapter is the reason why I love One Piece. It pretty much show you how important Don Quixote Doflamingo title as Warlord is, it pretty much throw some countries into chaos. We also get to see the new Warlord the Genius Jester Buggy and it stand up the villains of the arc pretty well. And last but not lease, we found out Doffy have the Flame-Flame Fruit

Well, that my list for 2013. I might have miss some stuff, but I feel pretty good about this list. Tell me what you think about my list and share with me, your favorite chapters of 2013. Next blog (I'm hope) is Viz's Shonen Jump vs Simulpub

Thanks for reading and remember to support the Anime/Manga industry

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This was one of those fairy tail chapters that is somewhat hard to rate because technically, Hiro, just like last week, managed to create content that avoided the sort of pitfalls most shonen manga are known to fall into by applying some logic to his execution of events, yet the level of predictability and over all ‘fairy tail-ishness’ of the entire chapter left a lot to be desired, in the end producing a weekly chapter that was nothing more than meh.

In other words, not bad, yet not actually good enough to be excited.


Following Ultear’s sacrifice last week, the fairy tail team are able to use their brief one minute preview of the future to turn the tide of battle and begin their counter attack, with many avoiding previously fatal attacks and making headway against the enemy.

Natsu and Rogue are still going at it, with Natsu, despite acquiring new flames, making little headway against the shadowy attacks. In between taking punishment, Natsu tries to reason with rogue,but the future man is hell bent on saving the world by making it his. Natsu attempts to reach him via Frosch, his cat and the damage he could be causing to him as well as his present self. Future rogue however expects his past self and future self to eventually fade into each other with time. Frosch does not move him, as future rogue explains that he is not longer the man that plays with kitties. Besides, in his time line Frosch had died, and would die one year from then. His presence makes waves no within Rogue.

So Natsu continues to push against his much more superior enemy. At that point Atlas Flame unleashes a powerful flaming attack against Mother glare, which engulfs the entire dragon in a powerful wave of explosions.

Natsu being a fire dragon slayer, uses these explosions to his advantage, amplifying them and focusing them against both Rogue and the dragon and sending both flying to the earth.

Elsewhere, Wendy with Laxus’ assistance is fighting Zirconis. However Lucy has discovered a secret in the diary she discovered from her future self. Apparently destroying the eclipse gate is key to defeating the dragons. Based on future Lucy's theory, destroying the gate would affect the flow of events in time as they had happened so far and make it so that Rogue and his dragons never came through time, hence leading them to disappear.

However no amount of power delivered by Lucy is even able to dent the gate. It is then that the giant fireball that is Natsu, rogue and mother glare fall from the sky and slam into the gate, smashing it into pieces…


I didn’t bother reviewing last week’s chapter because i was somewhat annoyed by the result. Even though Ultear’s action followed a logical pattern, without breaking any of the rules of magic Hiro had set up (as i expected him to), and the whole one minute thing was an interesting addition to the plot, i was still irritated by how predictable the result was, that no matter how devastating the battle has been, fairy tail will come out unscathed.

This chapter followed a similar route. Rogue vs.. Natsu was more logical than i expected it to be, no nakama power ups and the like. Natsu was clearly on the losing end of the battle and it was the power of Atlas flame’s attack that brought the future mage down. IN a way you can give this to Natsu’s ingenuity, in realizing that he could use the explosion to his advantage. None the less, the predictability of it irritated me, that i knew that Rogue would lose and it happened so soon…it is hard to criticize the end of this fight. In fact it is the one thing i liked about this chapter. It was an unexpected end, yet…something was simply lacking. I wasn’t nearly as blown away or impressed as i hoped to be.

Maybe the battle should have ran a little longer. I for one will be pissed off if all those dragons disappear along with rogue. I do not think Hiro handled them well; he didn’t highlight each battle as much as he should have. Something has been missing from this war ever since the beginning. We didn’t see enough fairy tail vs. dragons fights, merely snapshots.

Anyway, my quarrel with this chapter comes in the form of Lucy. three things stood out as far as Hiro’s misshapen story telling is concerned:

1. What the hell did Lucy mean by her future diary. Last time i checked it was Levy who had the diary and was chronicling everything that had happened during the dragon festival, not Lucy; at least not according to the visions of the future we were shown.

2. I am sure Lucy had a diary but where in the story was it hinted upon that there was anything worth reading, at least as far as the dragons are concerned, that Lucy wrote down in her diary. We know that future Lucy woke up four days after the dragon incident and immediately leaped back into time four days in the past. So she pretty much missed most of what happened, so she couldn’t have known anything of use, not unless Hiro had told us somewhere that she took an extra day after waking to sit down and analyze everything which she then chronicled. The future Lucy we know leaped back in time immediately after waking, which means she couldn’t have written anything down and even if she could have, she didn’t know anything. Really, Hiro.

3. Exactly how does any of that mumble jumble she said about destroying the gate make sense. From what i understood, the idea was to destroy the gate so that it wouldn’t have existed in the future where rogue came from which meant that Rogue would disappear and nothing that he had done would have ever happened, including the dragons. How does that work, all that will have changed in History is that rogue came through and then the gate was destroyed, stranding him in the past. There is no way destroying the gate AFTER ROGUE HAD ALREADY COME THROUGH changes the time line.

I know the science of time travel is complicated and all that but that part isn’t. If they went back to the past and destroyed the gate days before future rogue came through, then that would make sense in cancelling everything rogue had done in the present because he wouldn’t have come through in the first place, but…really…i do not get what Hiro is playing at but none of what was said makes any sense.

I also think that if Lucy is right then the dragon problem was solved a little too easily. There can’t always be a magic weakness which, once used, solves everything. That’s what made the dragon incursion so exciting in the beginning; because i couldn’t see how they were going to solve the problem of 7 giant lizards with such a weak force. It wasn’t the conundrum i thought it should have been and which would have made this arc all the more epic.

Anyway, i await next week’s chapter with baited breath; despite all my complaints, i am still fighting to hold onto my faith in Hiro, even if its barely none existent, to surprise me (even though i doubt he can, with the predictable paths that he has been taking)

Rating: 2/5, really, this chapter was lackluster; almost good would be a better description in that Hiro executed a lot of the events skillfully, basically doing the same old thing but in a fresh way. yet he simply didn’t go the extra mile, something prevented this chapter and the last from achieving greatness and instead stranded them in slightly below average territory. I just wasn’t entertained and i am starting to worry about the future of fairy tail. Instead of looking forward to next week’s chapter i am worried and anxious about how bad it will be. On the plus side, if it turns out to be good, i will be that much more blown away.

Highlights: That natsu attack against rogue was kind of impressive, and the fight itself atop the dragon was pretty dynamic and interesting to watch.

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Something irritating has been happening with fairy tail for the past few weeks. Maybe irritating is too strong a word, maybe not. But somehow somewhere i feel like Hiro is starting to mess a few things up in this story, or maybe my hopes were too high. I normally like writing fairy tail reviews, good or bad. But for a while now i haven’t felt like there was anything worth writing about.


Previously, Natsu had abandoned naked Lucy to execute some mysterious plan to change the tide of battle against Rogue. We learn what that plan was. A little distance off, we see Laxus making no headway against the fire dragon atlas flame as his lightening attacks seem to have little to no effect and even with backup from the rest of fairy tail, he is clearly losing the match. In drops Natsu, from the sky, proclaiming his plan to eat Atlas flame’s flames to rejuvenate his powers. And he goes on to do just that but not before advising laxus to go find Wendy and lend her some assistance against Zirnocis.

Atlas flame tries and fails to shake Natsu off and soon begins to sense a familiar feeling from Natsu’s attempts to eat his flames. He had experienced the situation before, when he went up against his friend Igneel, the fire dragon king. Recognizing Natsu as Igneel’s son either negates Rogue’s manipulation magic or allows Atlas to break free because he immediately changes sides, allowing Natsu to ride him into battle against Rogue, who is clearly flustered at the sudden change in events.


This is the problem i have with what Hiro has been doing for the past few weeks. Minus a few revelations such as Achnologia’s role in the arc, i haven’t really been impressed by what i have seen so far of this dragon human war. I had pretty high expectations for what was to come and i would have been fine with Hiro meeting even a portion of those expectations. So far he hasn’t even been close. And i don’t understand why. We have dragons, we have humans and they are obviously going to fight. How hard can that be to make a few epic chapters? I mean, this war is no where near as intense as i hoped it would be, and i had been looking forward to seeing some dragons ever since i began reading the manga. This isn’t the sort of treatment i was hoping they would get, and i think i know why these events simply haven’t impressed me.

Hiro is making the war a little to light. The tone simply isn’t serious enough, and it almost feels like there is a sense of fun and excitement in the air, rather than an anticipation of fear and destruction.

Some one suggested that Hiro is putting way too many jokes into a situation that should be rather dark and serious and i am inclined to agree. I get that this is fairy tail and that there should be a sense of fun, but there is a limit. I want to feel like there is an actual threat hanging over everyone’s head.This might not be Achnologia but no one seems to be taking the situation seriously. And i don’t get why Natsu is fighting Rogue when he isn’t capable of winning. He can’t be the only mage in the vicinity. Why aren’t more powerful mages trying to take him down; instead they waste their strengths on fighting the dragons, which they can’t beat.

Hiro is writing events in a way that they just don’t seem logical. And there is simply no coordination and team work among the different teams. I will not lie, this chapter wasn’t bad but i was getting bored.

Admittedly i loved that shot of Igneel and Atlas flame and it mostly made this chapter worth the read for me. For that page i can give Hiro some respect. He is clearly talented. But the story needs to move, and the strategies at play need to make some more sense. I am not dismissing this arc just yet as the dragons only arrives a few chapters ago; i am still more than patient with regards to waiting for things to improve because the chapters themselves have not been bad, just boring.

…….i can’t think of anything to say about this.

RATING:> 2/5

Highlight:> Natsu calling Atlas flame uncle…i sniggered at that

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I spent an irritating Tuesday and Wednesday anticipating a new fairy tail chapter because of last week’s late/early release. Sufficing to say it didn’t come, which was disappointing and when it finally came on Friday, it wasn’t as good as i expected, or at least as good as last week’s chapter, which might have had that level of impact because it literally came out of the blue, catching me off guard.


Last week we found out quite a number of things. First Rogue lied just a bit. Ten thousand dragons did not come through the gate and take over the world. It was one dragon that contended with and

eventually subjugated humanity, and that was Achnologia. With his power alone, he brought the world to its knees. Rogue at first comes off as logical and innocent, claiming that he wished to unleash ten thousand dragons to use as tools to combat the achnologia. Then he reveals that his intention isn’t as much to save humanity as it is to rule over them in Achnologia’s place. Natsu quickly puts a stop to his rumblings by nearly taking his dragon, mother glare, down.

Natsu then reveals what we all knew, that only dragon slayers could defeat the dragons and this is qualified when Makarov, even with his giant magic, is incapable of doing anything more than getting burnt when he tries to take on atlas flame. With Laxus, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Rogue and sting, that makes six dragon slayers against seven dragons. But we quickly learn of the favor that Jellal asked of the two council members, which is to free cobra, the poison dragon slayer from his incarceration, to join the battle.

We also learn that Rogue and sting did indeed lie about killing their dragons, though that was kind of obvious since they would have been way too young to execute such a significant task. it turns out that their dragons were reaching the end of their lives and asked the pair to kill them, apparently because bathing in the blood of a dragon grants one great power. So far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In this chapter, the fight has finally began. Laxus takes on Atlas flame in Makarov’s place, then sending Gajeel to find himself a dragon to slay. Pegasus blue try and fail at beating the their enemy and it falls to cobra to save them. Rogue and Natsu’s battle is about to commence, but before that, Rogue has the dragon unleash a myriad of eggs each of which hatch into little dragon like monsters.

At the gate, Zirconis makes his move, first ‘incapacitating’ the king’s army and then Lucy, before coming face to face with Wendy. All in all a set up chapter.


I loved chapter 329, mostly because of that huge bomb shell that not only would we be seeing Achnologia again (soon in fact) but that it alone had the power to subjugate the entire human race. That revelation made Rogue’s actions so much more sane and logical, in contrast to the slayers. Well, they do have to stop him, but i wonder if they have thought about what happens after. They will obviously need the seven dragons to achieve victory, especially if you consider that in the original timeline, seven dragon slayers couldn’t stop Achnologia. They should probably focus on trying to free and refocus the fury of the dragons towards their looming enemy.

Either way, things just got better for fairy tail’s future, because we now know why Zeref, in the last arc, spoke of the ending of an age with the coming of Achnologia who, besides annihilating the island, simply flew away. I guess he could foresee the consequences to come, that Achnologia would return to rule the world.

This recent chapter,330, wasn’t the most exciting.It was mostly set up with the dragon slayers pairing with their dragons. Next week will be Wendy Vs. Zirconis.

I don’t see her beating the dragon, she could barely stand against Chelia and her god slaying magic and back then she was coming at her with a whole new set of moves. Now, so soon after the tournament i don’t expect her to win this; but we all know that she will and it is up to Hiro to make this look good. I DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT WANT TO SEE NAKAMA POWER PREVAIL AGAIN. Hiro needs to make this look good and convincing because i don’t see Wendy winning this even if it is merely Zirconis and it will be his job to make me believe that it is possible.

I see what Hiro is trying to do with the little dragon monsters, which is simply trying to give the other mages something to do while the slayers do there thing. It isn’t a bad plot, but i had hoped that they would at least assist the dragon slayers in slaying the dragons. I am curious as to what role the god slayers are going to play in the battle. I have yet to see any gods so Hiro had better elaborate on the whole god slayer business. Besides that however, i am curious as to how their magic affects dragons. I suspect that Jellal is sitting in a prison somewhere having exchanged his freedom for cobra’s.

I am starting to think that the dragons were right about the power gained from bathing in dragon blood, after all sting and rogue can achieve dragon force mode easily while Natsu can’t

Highlights: Rogue revealing that achnologia took over the world. I was afraid that Natsu’s initial attack had put that dragon down. That would have been disappointing. Pegasus blue’s attempts to take down the rock dragon where hilarious. I have always considered Ichiya to be a creepy comic, he managed to force a few chuckles out of me with his so called armpit perfume attack. I am loving Zirconis and his wacky attitude.

Lots of fan service in chapter 330, of course centered around Lucy.

MY RATING:> chapter 329- 3.5/5; chapter 330- 2/5, i get that it as was a set up chapter but that doesn’t change the fact that i was disappointed.

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Whoa, what a chapter. It is hard to say more than that, because this chapter was…I can’t find another word for not really good and not really bad, without making it sound average, because this chapter, 321, was anything but average.


It seems a fairy tail chapter can be better explained from the perspectives of the characters involved, so:

1. Natsu- Still kicking Garou knights ass, but seriously; why even bother wasting a panel on this crap.

2. Grey and Juvia- So these two water based mages are getting their asses kicked, but for some reason they think that lyon and Chelia’s team work is somewhat off. Clearly they are in denial because even with Lyon unwilling to bring Juvia down, they are losing, badly. Gray and Juvia are however preparing to make some sort of play.

3. Erza and Minerva- Now this is the battle to watch, and all I can say is WOW, WOW…second origin, Armor of Nakagami…Why Hiro? Why are you going to mess this up again? You have everything you need to make this the number one fight of the tournament.

4. Laxus and Jura- the former potential number one fight of the Daimatou Enbu; so this was a real tassel. We saw both Jura and Laxus literally go all out in a sick brawl, throwing earth and lightning magic, and completely wrecking the battle ground in their attempts to prove that they were ‘men’.

With so much punch on face contact, I was worried for a moment that Laxus would go down; but instead he rose to the challenge, did a Natsu (in speech and technique) and took down Jura with an all new secret dragon slayer technique, roaring thunder. All I can say is, EPIC, seriously EPIC.

One shot, that is all it took to bring Jura down, though saying it like that makes the K.O seem easier than it was. Laxus pulled some serious moves in this battle, and I didn’t even know that he could move that fast with his lightning. Even Makarov was blown away by the level of strength and power that his son displayed.

By the end of this chapter, the obvious has happened; fairy tail is in the lead, with saber tooth and Lamia scale trailing. And with that many players left to play, there is no way they are losing the game to saber tooth, especially not when the only card saber tooth has to play is Sting.

Next week is a double chapter, 36 pages, with a color page (strange how that isn’t all that exciting). Hiro is closing the Daimatou enbu, so something has to happen next week, something that changes the face of fairy tail completely, even more than Acnologia and the seven year time skip event.

I would be mad not to keep on reading.


This chapter was infuriating on the whole, in that I can’t really make my mind up about it. On the whole, it was very predictable, Erza finally gaining an advantage over Minerva and Jura finally falling to Laxus’ power; for all intent and purpose, Hiro didn’t try to surprise us with the verdicts. Hell, I already know that Grey and Juvia are going to beat the hell out of Lyon and Chelia.

Fairy tail will win this thing, and there will be no dispute as to what the number one guild in Fiore is. So if I am so decidedly irritated by the predictability of the chapter, where exactly is the problem with making up my mind?

Well it is simple, I am not actually irritated with the predictability, more like mildly annoyed. Because this chapter was awesome. Yes I knew Laxus would beat Jura, but even when it played out so directly, it was fun and entertaining to watch. The battle, though displayed over only 6-8 pages, managed to portray a sense of difficulty and intensity.

We could see that both of these giants among mages were throwing there all into this battle, so contrary to what I thought initially, this battle didn’t feel rushed; though maybe another chapter would have helped. We saw Laxus do more than rely on the same old tricks and moves we saw him display against Natsu, Gajeel and Hades.

This was a laxus on fire, releasing earth shattering lightning against an opponent who wouldn’t go down. So strangely enough, while a part of me was disappointed by how the fight ended, especially so quickly, another part of me really enjoyed that showdown.

Same thing goes for the Erza Minerva fight. I couldn’t believe just how brutally battered Erza looked, and for a moment I didn’t think she had the power to keep on fighting. I am gaining more and more respect for Minerva with each passing chapter. Truly, she is a monster.

But while we all knew Erza would triumph, I personally didn’t see the second origin thing coming. I assumed, like Ultear said, that Erza had already mastered her second origin, which is why she was so strong. But I guess she was wrong, Erza is simply beastly, and now she is going to show Minerva hell.

And even if we know it is coming, Hiro is managing to execute it awesomely, with crazy new armor and hopefully a new power to go with it. And besides, there is no way this fight is going to turn out like the Jura Laxus battle. Even if Hiro fails to surprise us, we all want to see Minerva get her eyes clawed out, so as far as that battle is concerned, I expect to be satisfied either way.

There better be more to Natsu’s fight than the Garou knights. Clearly Hiro is simply trying to keep him busy. I am quite anxious to see what Juvia and Gray will do. I don’t think Gray has ever acquired a power up before, so this should be interesting. Clearly Lyon and Chelia are the superior team; though it is interesting to see that Lyon won’t harm Juvia, but has now qualms with seeing her hurt. Juvia on the other hand would go crazy against anyone trying to harm gray.

I really can’t complain about fairy tail, or maybe I am beginning to understand it a little better. With fairy tail, the aim is for you wrap up the chapter and sigh in satisfaction that you were entertained.

And that is what fairy tail is, a pith less fluffy manga, designed to get your adrenaline pumping through cheap thrills like new attacks and armor. Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately), I like it.

I can’t wait to see the climax of the games.


I thought it would be Laxus’ roaring thunder moment, or Erza’s armor of Nakagami moment. But it is actually a tie between Erza going second origin (just that scene was epic), and Laxus going in for the kill, only for Jura to counter with a barrage of earth columns exploding from below. That was amazingly done, with the trail line, showing the path Laxus dah followed in his speedy retreat before immediately curving round and following with another attack.

I have to point out one silly thing Hiro said in the chapter: ‘A man’s dignity in his fists. Laxus’ soul is on fire’ Every time I tried to think about this line, I couldn’t help but laugh, because it sounds so nonsensical.

Laxus saying that Natsu line (‘I am fired up’) was too corny, too corny. He is literally too cool for that, especially as a future master of Fairy tail.

Either Erza or Jura take this chapter.

MY RATING:> 5/5 (or 2/5) I can’t decide.

On a side note, in case you haven’t heard, fairy tail the anime has been bleached; in other words it has been cancelled as of march 30th. If you loved this anime, then this is bad news for you; if you hated it, then I guess I just gave you some good news.

Auspiciously however, shortly after this news broke, Hiro Mashima, Fairy tail’s Mangaka tweeted that he had some really good news but which he couldn’t reveal on the studio’s orders.

Here’s to hoping that they are firing the entire fairy tail animation team, and bringing in people that can provide fatezero level quality, if the good news here is that fairy tail will return, that is.



This arc picks off where the Macau arc left off, and it is equally as short, but that is to expected in this early stage.

So Lucy walks into her room to find that Natsu and Happy had broken in and were currently going through her stuff. Finding her keys, and after the temper tantrum, Lucy explains to the pair that a celestial mage forms bonds with celestial spirits before utilizing them. She displays this with her new key (that she bought from the shop the day she met Natsu), from which she summons the tiny white (useless ) spirit and forms a contract with it.

Natsu and happy are less than impressed, but Natsu, seemingly capable of understanding the white spirit’s intelligible speech, reveals the creature’s wish, that the two join forces and become a fairy tail team.

Lucy is all for it (being weak, having a mage like Natsu by her side increases her chances of success in tasks); she regrets it minutes later when it is revealed that natsu and happy already took a job before coming over. The target has a thing for beautiful blonde maids and Natsu needed Lucy to worm her way past the target’s defenses by preying upon his lusts. Lucy is less than happy to have fallen for Natsu’s trap.

The team meets kaby, the client, who not only reveals the simplicity of the mission, to retrieve a very precious book from a bad man, but that he had increased the reward money, ten fold.

Lucy is ecstatic and quickly dons her maid’s dress before the team heads to the target, Everlue.

At the gate, Everlue comes running at the sound of Lucy’s voice, but then slams the gates shut at the sight of Lucy, rejecting her for her ugliness. Lucy is livid, while Natsu determines that the stealth plan had failed and that now they would resort to brute force.

They enter through the window where encounter Everlue,and his guard, a giant overweight brutish maid with super strength and the ability to burrow through the earth.

After a short melee, Natsu acquires the book, daybreak and he prepares to burn it, when Lucy Knocks him over and takes it. She recognizes the author, Zekua Melon, a famous writer. As a fan she was surprised that she had never heard of the book before. Natsu is determined to burn the book as this was the order that Kaby gave them, to acquire the book and then burn it, and then they would get paid.

But Lucy, on perusing through it, believes that it might hold a secret, one that would force kaby to want to destroy it, and Everlue to fight for it so passionately.

Everlue summons the Vanish brothers, supposedly powerful warriors with anti fire mage capabilities. Lucy begs Natsu to hold them off while she tries to decode the book. She does this using her Gale force reading glasses, which I assume allow her to read and decipher the book’s contents are superhuman speeds.

Unfortunately for her, Everlue corners her but not before Lucy decodes the message in its pages. Everlue admits the reason that he fights for the book; apparently he paid a great deal of money to Zekua Melon to write the book and make it about him. In other words, it was his property, not Kaby’s and they were actually stealing not reclaiming it.

But Lucy tells him that there was a message hidden within daybreak, one that even Everlue didn’t know about. Now Everlue is determined to reclaim the book. However the vanish brothers, who initially troubled natsu, have been beaten. So Everlue summons his giant of a maid, Virgo, with Natsu in tow(hanging onto her leg). Virgo is Everlue’s spirit as it turns out. He is a celestial mage.

Unfortunately for him, Natsu, having gotten over his shock at the sight of the ‘gorrila maid’ takes her down with a dragon slayer move. Lucy summons cancer and they take down Everlue.

The team returns to Kaby, victorious. But to there shock and Natsu’s chagrin, Kaby attempts to burn the book. He tells the story of his father returning home after three years, but rather than rejoicing in his return, Zekua melon took a an axe and cut his own arm off.

Apparently Everlue located him during his darker days and offered him money to write a hideous story about him, that flew in the face of some kind of ethical code that he lived by as a writer.

Kaby lost faith in the integrity and pride of his father, and days later, Zekua Melon committed suicide in shame.

Kaby wanted to take the book back to destroy it and erase his father’s shame. But Lucy reveals the code, within which is located a message from Zekua to his son, relieving him of any fault in the old man’s suicide. Kaby breaks down.

Natsu and happy forfeit their reward as they didn’t destroy the book. Lucy is livid, but takes consolation in her prize Virgo, her new celestial spirit who, as per Lucy’s request transforms into a slimmer body.


This chapter provided a few highs and lows. First I am thinking of the vanish brothers, who, despite their introduction, proved to be a little to. silly for my taste, specifically the bit about how their anti mage weapon was basically a large frying pan.

BUt on the other hand, it introduced to me the quirky side of fairy tail, and set a precedence for what the series of fairy tail would be like. Clearly the story doesn’t take itself seriously, especially seeing that Natsu himself was caught off guard by the stupidity behind some of Everlue’s defenses. But then again this is a show that’s most comparable with one piece.

Virgo, as far as I am concerned was the highlight of the arc. As Everlue’s spirit, the object of his desire and lust and his primary weapon, the large women provided a lot of laughs, with regards to her interactions with the stunned fairy tail mage and the means with which she kept trying to destroy them. So quirky and silly, that is the message this arc was meant to set out.

In Kaby’s plight and eventual redemption, we saw a little bit of the heart of fairy tail, that gooey part that deals with nakama and love and the connections we have with the people we meet.

Hiro also adds a hint of darkness, in dealing with Kaby’s history and the pride that led his father to eventually commit suicide. Seldom do you find children targeted shows that would make a mention of a topic like suicide and the effect it has on those left behind. A much more serious show would have given Kaby’s life more exposition, specifically the path that his life had taken as a result of his father’s tragic decision.

But this is the kind of task that separates one piece from fairy tail, which quickly and briefly resolves that plot; with Kaby resolving his dark feelings through the final words of his father.


I wasn’t sure what I thought of this arc the first time I read it, but when I look back on it now, it wasn’t so bad. It had a perfect balance of action (Natsu VS the vanish brothers was actually awesome despite the silliness), comedy (everything from Natsu treating Lucy as an object to entice Everlue, Lucy’s so called ugliness , Virgo and the vanish brothers), and tragedy (Kaby’s life has been consumed by the decisions of his father, so much so that he embraces poverty in his attempts to right past wrongs).

My rating for this arc the first time I read it was a 2.5/5. It is currently a little different. I recommend this arc for any first time fairy tail fan, even without checking out the first arc.

MVP of the arc- Virgo (funny lady0, Everlue (crazy, pervert, determined)

MY RATING: 3.5/5.

| |

Welcome to Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, one of the wiki editors working with a team on the Fairy Tail franchise. Last week's episode introduced a new character named Michelle Lobster, and it is a good yet mellow episode. This week's episode promises a showdown between Natsu and Laxus.


"Natsu and Laxus are going to fight and the other members of Fairy Tail can't wait to see it... except for Erza and Gray, who are off on a mission to capture some bandits and their wizard bodyguards! Meanwhile, Lucy is still trying to figure out the meaning of the ancient characters on her father's memento."

By Crunchyroll

Will Lucy be able to crack the riddle and will Natsu prove himself against Laxus?


Beware of spoilers!


Gray: She looks so cute when she's sleeping
Gray: She looks so cute when she's sleeping
  • I loved watching Juvia's reactions as she spies on Gray and Erza on their mission. Things get hot and awkward for dear old Juvia when she sees them sleeping next to each other.
  • Pantherlily's quote about Gajeel makes my day as well. "I've lost respect for you, Gajeel!"


  • The title is misleading. It was not a real battle, and Natsu shows how weak he is despite his battle with Laxus during the Fighting Festival arc.
  • Sometimes, you want Laxus and Makarov to patch things up, but it doesn't happen in this episode.


Laxus: Freed, don't be so clingy
Laxus: Freed, don't be so clingy
  • When did Freed get so clingy to Laxus?
  • The Earthland counterparts for Coco, Hughes, and Sugarboy show up at the end of the episode.

Overall, this episode lies about the big battle, but it brings some attention towards Laxus and his relationship with Makarov. Also, Lucy, Michelle, and Levy find out that Jude's memento is a hand of a clock. I thought it was a key. Plus, Gajeel, Gray, and Juvia had some great hilarious scenes.

What did you guys thought about the object at first?


Please enjoy the episode's gallery.

Here's a reenactment of the battle between Natsu and Laxus.

Natsu: "Roar!"
Natsu: "Roar!"
Laxus: ....
Laxus: ....
Then, boom with one hit! What the hell?!
Then, boom with one hit! What the hell?!

I just felt the title makes everyone angry or disappointed. I expected more of a battle.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's report and please give them recognition for their hard work since they juggle school, work, and family.

Wiki Progress: I finished Episode 129 and created two new character pages: Jason the photographer and the Vanish brothers. Please check my team's wiki project blog and list.

Hottest Fairy Tail Thread: Is Natsu and Lucy's relationship going to be Like Haru and Elie?

This thread is amazing because it brings new people to the community, and I enjoy reading and responding to their comments.

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Team Fairy Tail

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Welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report! This week is bit a strange with the reports. Sreenivas already has written episode 123's report. For consistency, let's catch up.


Let's Join Hands - "Te o Tsunagō" (手をつなごう)

Let's Join Hands
Let's Join Hands

Continuing from Cana and Gildartz's beautiful family reunion, Acnologia arrives to ruin Fairy Tail's peaceful moment. This wicked dragon is the scourge of humanity and wreaks havoc on the island. When Makarov holds Acnologia down, he tells his guild to retreat. Will Fairy Tail guild fight or run away?

Find out by watching Fairy Tail episode 122!


Beware of spoilers!


Damn Gray!
Damn Gray!
  • This episode have some humorous moments with potential love interests: Gray & Juvia and Elfman & Evergreen. It makes me wonder if Evergreen can change Elfman's personality in the near future. Juvia is so slick that Gray didn't realize he was sitting on her buttocks.
  • The combined attacks with Laxus's group and the Dragon Slayers' combined Roar combo is awesome and the animation flows smoothly.

Questions and Concerns

I didn't have much bad stuff to report. I did a questions and concerns section for it.

Fairy Tail Anime's Fate?
Fairy Tail Anime's Fate?
  • I had one question: would these two combo attacks count as a Unison Raid. The only problem is that no one state these combo attacks were Unison Raids. Every time a Unison Raid occurs, there is a character to confirm it.
  • Anime and Manga Pacing: Sreenivas and many fans pointed out that the anime is catching up to the manga. There is no hint of fillers yet to come in order to slow down the anime. I'm concern about the anime's future because it could suffer the same fate as many other animes who caught up too fast.

This episode marks the end of the S-Class Trial/Tenrou Island arc. Fairy Tail is entering a new arc, X791. It's a time skip event in Fairy Tail. This episode gets a four of out five.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's reports. I thank my teammates for their hard work in the community.

For the weekly reports, my main wiki projects are Fairy Tail, Sket Dance, Beelzebub, and Guilty Crown. Sreenivas, my teammate for Fairy Tail and Beelzebub, has written One Piece and Naruto reports.

Wiki Progress: I'm updating Romeo, Bisca, and Alzack's time skip appearances under the evolution section. Also, I finished episode 121's wiki page.

For more info, check out the Fairy Tail wiki project and wiki vitae list.

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Team Fairy Tail and W.I.K.I. Nation

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, and it has been while since I did the Fairy Tail reports. Unfortunately, I don't have much images for today's report. (I'll add more tomorrow. Sorry about that). Recently, Crunchyroll has a news article about an upcoming Fairy Tail's 3rd OVA, Memory Days. Check out Anime Vice's blog for the video trailer.


Ep. 117: Thunder Roars - "Raimei Hibiku" (雷鳴響く)

Picking up from episode 116, Gray has finished his fight with Ultear. The only bad guy left is Hades. The Fairy Tail gang split into two teams, an offense and a defense. While Freed and company defends the injured at camp, Natsu and his group head out to find Hades at his warship. As Natsu and the others fight against Hades, Happy and his Exceed gang seek out the core to destroy it. When things get difficult for Natsu, an old ally appear to their rescue. Will Natsu and his group be able to defeat Hades?

Ep. 118: The Man Without the Mark - "Monshō o Kizamanu Otoko" (紋章を刻まぬ男)

As Laxus battles Hades, Lisanna's group gets attacked at camp. When Laxus gets injured, he tells Natsu, a mage with the mark of Fairy Tail should defeat Hades. He gives Natsu, his strength.

Will Fairy Tail hold up against Hades and Grimoire Heart?


Beware of Spoilers!


Kain's fantasy
Kain's fantasy
  • There's ton of actions in both episodes. In 117, Natsu and the gang unleash a combo with a Unison Raid/Natsu finisher.
  • 118 is funny just like the Lucy Fire episode because Kain tries to get the women to love him. In the end, Lisanna, Levy, and Cana finish him off with a triple Unison Explosion.
  • For Laxus fans, his character shines in 118. His strength has Natsu's team in awe. His fight scenes are excellent. It's too bad that he couldn't defeat Hades since he tells Natsu that a mage with the mark of the Fairy Tail should defeat him.

Points of Interest

Lily hates lightning
Lily hates lightning
  • Lisanna tells Lucy to watch Natsu. It's interesting to see two girls who are Natsu's potential love interests.
  • Horologium saves Wendy, but she has a cute scene where she discovers she's nude.
  • Elfman seems surprised when Lisanna teases him about saying Evergreen in his dream.
  • For the first time, Pantherlily shows his fear of lightning. This could be a reference to Elie in Rave Master who is also scared of lightning. (Rave Master is Hiro Mashima's earlier works)

Overall, these two episodes are great with bit of comedy and action in a balanced mix. With the action, we get two new Unison Raid attacks revealed, and Laxus's fight scene. It has a been while since fans see Laxus fight. For comedy, we get Kain, Lisanna, and Happy leading the jokes and gags.


Thank you for reading my team's report; I thank my teammates for working hard while juggling school and work.

Wiki Work: I finished Ep. 117 and 118. Daniel Newton worked on the formatting of the early Fairy Tail episodes and adding concepts and such.

For those who do not know my teammates, they are Annabanana, Wales, Daniel_Newton, Obscurefan, Buhssuht, and Obsidian609.

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Everybody knows who they are. Don't pretend.

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