Laughing Shino

Laughing Shino is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 05/24/2006

Naruto Side-Story (Filler)

Laughing Shino - 笑うシノ (Warau Shino)


Opening Theme-

"Re:member" by FLOW

The episode opens with Shino and Naruto going on a mission to Motoyoshi Village in regards to the estate of a recently deceased man. Just before reaching the village, an old lady gives them directions to the village and a cryptic warning about how dead people can still laugh and everything would end if they laughed too. As they get to the outskirts of the village, Naruto monolouges fromthe future about the terrifying events too disturbing to talk abotu would take place in this village.

As the two get to the village, they pay their respects to the late Tobei Kagestu beofre being greeted by Futa Kagestu, the chief mourner and the eldest son of the Kagestu estate. Shino and Naruto are given a copy of Tobeu's will to look over as we flashback to the debriefing with Tsunade back in the Hidden Leaf Village. She explains that as much as she did not want to add Naruto, everyone else was busy so he was attatched reluctantly. The initial belief is that the two will be working security at the funeral forthe Kagestu family until Tsunade reveals there is a reason that Shino was chosen to lead the mission and that they would understand when reading the will. Back to the two ninja, it is shown that the late Tobei Kagestu wrote in his will that during the service, is Futa were to start laughing, he would lose his inheritance and the estate be divided up between the remaining heirs of the estate.

After reading the will, Futa explains that the estate is so welathy since the land that his father owned is full of a rich medicinal herb that is harvested and sold for massive profits and that he would lose it all if he were to laugh. He knows his family and relatives would do whatever it took to make him laugh and he knows he is not strong enough to do it, hence he called for the two to assist him with the matter since in the will, it also states that his role as chief mourner could be substituted at his own discretion. Naruto points out Shino is right for the job as Mai Kagestu, the youngest sibling, comes to invite the group to dinner.

As they sit down to eat, Shino claims he will eat first to test for poison, assuring the group that the insects in his body would dissolve it. After eating, things seem fine until Shino begins to laugh. Mai and Futa think it means the food is good, but Naruto points out that this does mean he was poisons since Shino has never laughed before. Mai remembers she didn't lock the back door to thekitchen so anyone could have gotten in. Shino says that the bigs can't dissolve the laughing poison and appoints Naruto to take his place at the funeral tomorrow.

The next day, the mourners for the funeral line up as Futa introduces his next younger sister, the middle child Tsukiko and her husband as she thinks to herself that making Naruto laughwill be easy. As Shino watches from above, still under the effects of the poison, notices the old woman from the other day walking in the opposite direction and followers her. As the funeral begins, the family pulls outno stops to make Naruto laugh from getting a bald monk to do the rights to bvery lewd activities. Naruto comes close to laughing once but is saved by a distraction from Shino. As the funeral goes on and more relatives attempt to make the genin laugh, Shino continues to tail the old woman, finding herin the forest meeting Mai. He overhears her giving Mai instructs to put a poison into everyones teaat the end ofthe service, but Shino stops them, only for him to start laughing once more.

Back at the funeral, all the relatives seem worn out as Naruto has yet to crack up even once as he thanks everyone for coming to give their respects to Tobei. However, Tsukiko beckons her husband to also give thanks, only for him to perform a comedy bitwith his wife where faces had been drawn on his stomach and bald spot. Hearing laughter, they assume they have won but instead find Tobei rising from his grave literally as he laughs at the whole event. Tsukiko and Futa express their shock until they see apparations of themselves as kids appear, bickering about something until Tobei himselfputs on a performance that causes everyone to go up with laughter. As the whole group laughs, the old woman and Mai reappear, revealing herself to be the real Tobei while the Tobei and children were all illusions made by Shino, the poison finally having worn off.

Tobei explains that his ruse was set up to help his family. Before they got rich selling their herbs, they were a happy family who enjoyed laughter and spending time with one another. Now that their land is profitable, all they cared about was money. Tobei goes onto explain that money isn't happiness but family is as Tsukiko and Futa realize the error of their ways and this was not meant to overpower one another but instead as a way to get everyone together and having a good time.

As the two ninja return tothe Hidden Leaf Village, chalking up their mission to be a success, Naruto remembers that Shino was the one acting extremely silly as he was pretending to be Tobei. Shino grabs Naruto and immediately, and quite menacingly tells him to forget everything, which Naruto agrees to, fearing his safety.

Ending Theme-

"Yellow Moon" by Akeboshi

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Masashi Kishimoto Original Concept He is the creator, writer, and artist, of the successfully popular manga and anime series: NARUTO
Junki Takegami Series Composition
Tetsuya Nishio Character Artist/Designer
Hirofumi Suzuki Character Artist/Designer
Atsuho Matsumoto Episode Director
Hayato Date Director Hayato Date is the famed anime director who has directed the entire Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series.
Shigenori Takada Art Director
Toshiro Masuda Music


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