Laughing and Remembering

Laughing and Remembering is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 08/05/2012
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Wakana comes down with a fever, but recovers fairly quickly. She begins to get more involved and starts have fun with Konatsu and the other choir members. Wakana even visits Sawa who takes her for a ride on her horse, Sabure. However, Wakana is still bothered by the death of her mother, and is torn by the question of why her mother didn't tell Wakana about her sickness sooner.

Plot Summary

Konatsu visits Wakana
Konatsu visits Wakana

Wakana comes down with a fever, her father rushes home to care for her. Wakana does not show up at school. Konatsu and Sawa worry about Wakana. Atsuhiro has Taichi balance books on his head to improve posture because he read in a book that good singing starts with good posture. After school, Konatsu visits Wakana. Konatsu sees that Wakana has gotten better. Konatsu brought some cake for Wakana and comments how empty Wakana's room feels. Wakana knows this is because they sold the piano, but doesn't mention this to Konatsu. Konatsu tells about how her grandpa promised to take her see the Condor Queens, but never did. Wakana also made a promise with her mom to write a song together, but wasn't able to keep it. Konatsu says she is kind of glad that her promise wasn't kept, because now it has become a memory of her grandpa. Wakana is happy that Konatsu visited, and her father says that Konatsu is welcome to stop by again any time.

Wakana rides Sabure
Wakana rides Sabure

Wakana gets a text message from Sawa telling her to come over. Wakana arrives at Sawa's home and sees Sawa helping Shiho in front of the house. Shiho goes to fetch the copy of the class photo that she had with Wakana's mother. Shiho also gives Wakana a cassette tape of their choir club singing together. Now Wakana can listen to her mother again. Then, Sawa takes Wakana for a ride on her horse, Sabure. Sawa plans on riding Sabure in an upcoming competition. However her father does not approve of Sawa becoming an equestrian. As a result Sawa and her father are not on good terms. Wakana has fun riding on Sabure with Sawa, but her thighs are sore afterward. Sawa smiles at her and tells her to come back and ride again some time.

Taichi and Atsuhiro doing exercises
Taichi and Atsuhiro doing exercises

When Wakana arrives at school the next day, she passes by the practice room and sees Atsuhiro and Taichi doing weird exercises to improve their singing. Wakana can't help bursting out laughing. Wakana remembers that once her mother was having her do vocal exercises, and Wakana was trying too hard to stay on pitch and was making angry faces. Her mother tells her that she has to treat voice exercises like songs, as if you are singing to someone, and telling them that you're doing well and having fun. (See Note 1) Taichi and Wakana are glad that Wakana shared this bit of wisdom with them, and realize that there are some things you cannot learn from books. They are happy that Wakana joined them for practice. Wakana learns from Taichi that Ms. Takahashi had her baby, and it's a girl. After school, Wakana texts Ms. Takahashi to congratulate her. Ms. Takahashi calls back immediately and invites Wakana over to see the baby. Her baby is rather cute.

Mahiru Sakai loved her daughter
Mahiru Sakai loved her daughter

Wakana's father goes all out cooking dinner since it is his anniversary with Mahiru. Wakana asks how her father proposed to her mother. He says that it was actually the other way around. Wakana almost laughs, but then asks why her mom didn't tell her she was sick. When Mahiru was still alive, she told Keisuke not to tell Wakana about her sickness, because Wakana gets sad easily. Mahiru explained that if she and Wakana wrote a song, she wants it to be about strength and kindness, not sadness and goodbyes. After hearing this, Wakana runs to her room and starts crying and beating herself up about how hard she was on her mother, even though her mother loved her so much. Wakana realizes now that it was a mistake to give up the piano and all the memories that were attached to them. Her father comes up to her room and gives her Mahiru's notes about the song that they would write together. He held onto them until Wakana came to terms with things. Her father also reveals that he didn't actually sell the piano, and would love to hear the song that Wakana and Mahiru can come up with.

The choir-badminton club sings together
The choir-badminton club sings together

The next day at school in the practice room, Wakana finally listens to the cassette of her mother and the choir singing. It is the song that Konatsu and the other learned for the previous festival. When Konatsu and the others arrive in the practice room, they join Wakana in singing along.

Points of Interest

  • When Wakana was born, Mahiru said to her, "Let's make beautiful harmonies together."
  • Wakana's room has tatami flooring, a type of mat which is traditionally made from rice straw.
  • Sawa reveals that Sabure is actually her father's horse.
  • While the credits are rolling, the choir-badminton members (including Wakana) are shown learning to surf with Shiho, at Sawa's learning to ride horses, and on the train together.


The following notes are referenced in the summary

1. A good general advice for any musician is that if you have any emotions while playing, they will show in the way you play. Here, since Wakana focuses too hard on getting the right pitch, and might even get angry at herself for singing the wrong pitch, she loses sight of what makes singing fun.


  • Japanese Name:"Warattari Omottari" (笑ったり 想ったり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

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Kanami Sekiguchi Character Artist/Designer
Masakazu Hashimoto Director
Shiro Hamaguchi Music Shiro Hamaguchi has created music for multiple anime series.


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