Latvia is a anime/manga character in the Hetalia Axis Powers franchise
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The character that represents the country, Latvia. He is the youngest of the Baltics and a subordinate of Russia.

Due to his tendency to be naturally spacey and unintentionally straightforward, he easily makes himself a target for Russia's anger. For example, Latvia blatantly states that he thought the other countries at the meeting would call Russia a "drunk" or a "Frozen Frenchman" in front of Russia. This causes Estonia and Lithuania to yell at him to shut up. Later, Russia would ask what happened to his coat. Latvia would tell him that he donated it to the museum because he thought it looked like a priceless artifact. Russia replies that it's a shame because he wore that coat all the time. Realizing his mistake, he apologizes excessively and says that Russia is amazing to cherish such ancient clothing only for Russia to say that he bought that coat recently. Lithuania worries for Latvia's well-being as Russia decides to stretch Latvia by pulling at his head and legs.
It can be concluded that Latvia is rather...dependent. After being stretched, he cries to Lithuania and Estonia about joining forces with Germany instead. Lithuania strongly opposes that plan and Estonia wonders if he would do well on his own without relying on anyone. Latvia opposes Estonia's plan saying that he wants to rely on someone, but not Russia. Later, they all have dinner and Latvia comments that their language, culture, and ethnic groups are different. He's a bit of a crybaby. Then again, he has experienced some rather unfortunate events. It is revealed in the manga that he was taken over by German knights when he was younger. He later joined with Lithuania and Poland, but was unfortunately split in half and conquered by Russia.
He is good friends with the nation, Sealand. This may be due to the fact that they are both small nations that no one takes seriously. Although, unlike Sealand, Latvia is actually recognized as a nation. He acts as a big brother and mentor figure to Sealand...or to be more accurate, he tries to act as a big brother and mentor figure to Sealand. He is very withdrawn and his insecurities impede any effectiveness he would have had.
General Information Edit
Name: Latvia
Name: ラトビア
Romanji: Ratobia
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/18/1918
1st manga book: Hetalia Axis Powers #1
1st anime episode: Hetalia: Axis Powers #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Raivis Galante
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