Last Order: Final Fantasy VII Characters

Last Order: Final Fantasy VII is an anime series in the Final Fantasy franchise
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Cait Sith

One of the playable characters from Final Fantasy VII.

Cloud Strife

One of the main characters of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation series. His abilities, iconic hair and huge sword have made him one of the most recognizable characters of the series and industry.


A female member of the Turks.

Professor Hojo

Professor Hojo is the biological father of Sephiroth and a scientist who once worked for the Shinra Power Company. He is a madman of the highest order with a God Complex that has compelled him to commit many atrocities "in the name of science."


Reno is a Turk fighter who serves Rufus Shinra, and partner of Rude. Reno is one of the characters in the Final Fantasy universe.


Rude is a partner/comrade of Reno. Rude is excellent in hand-to-hand combat and as well, sporting a cool goatee at the same time.


Sephiroth is one of the main villains in the Final Fantasy series. He is Cloud's arch nemesis also known as The One-Winged Angel.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart is a childhood friend of Cloud Strife. She is one of the characters in the Final Fantasy franchise.


Zack Fair

Zack Fair is the main character of Final Fantasy Crisis Core. He is a first class SOLDIER of the Shin-ra Company.

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