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Handsome and mysterious transfer student Hiroto Nakadai arrives at Maunaloa Academy, but he holds a secret far deeper than anyone can guess. Hiroto is actually a prince from another world, on the run from the evil Lord Kumagai and his dimension-hopping foot soldiers. Together with his newfound friends, Hiroto must journey through space and time, into the realms of the imagination, and beyond death itself in order to escape. 
But first he’ll have to make it out of high school alive. 


Volume One

 Volume One
 Volume One
Ikuko, Colleen and Alvin assist to Hawaii's Maunaloa Institute for International Studies, a school where Hiroto Nakadai, a mysterious transfer student takes them on the ride of their lives. Hiroto, who is running away from his uncle Lord Kumagai, is in reality a prince, and to escape from the man who killed his parents he uses an Absprung -a device that plucks a hole in the universe and takes you to an alternate reality- and the Himmelskarte -an atlas that pinpoints not places but dimensions- to arrive in this new universe where he poses as a student. Because one of the devices needs fixing Hiroto goes to Alvin, the closet genius of the school, for help. When starstruck Ikuko and annoyed Colleen are discovered to have been spying on Alvin and Hiro, they are invited in on the secret. Ikuko then befriends a creature that is Hiro's pet called Hiccup.  
 Dimension-Hopping Heroes
 Dimension-Hopping Heroes
As they head back to the dorms for Alvin's tools they stubble upon the school bullies, Drake and Tom, but their confrontation is interrupted by Hiro's uncle. To run away from this powerful enemy Alvin activates the malfunctioning device that randomly sends six kids to another dimension. In this dimension one of their teachers, Mister Sturch, is in fact the leader of their concentration camp-like school. Sturch is such a cruel dictator that he kills Stacy, a classmate who had a thing for Hiroto, in front of the rest of the students to make sure none of them defied him. Since none of them had an identification, due to the fact that they were not from that dimension originally, Colleen and Drake are taken by some guards who put them in a cell. Drake's bullying days are redeemed as he helps them both escape. Fredericks, the guard who originally captured the two, catches up to them, and in a final attempt of courage Drake fights the man. As Colleen escaped, Drake is left for dead.

Volume Two 

 Volume Two
 Volume Two
As they kids regroup they realize that the Himmelskarte is gone, and without it they can't go further with their escape from Hiro's uncle. While Tom's main concern is why Colleen left Drake to die, the reality is that he is not dead, but rather being brutally questioned by their teacher Mister Sturch. Alvin, being the smallest in the group is chosen to go through the vents to retrieve the device back. Once he gets the device he finds where Drake is being questioned. The group storms in to save him and as Drake, Tom and Hiroto battle loads of guards Alvin activates the Absprung to open a new pathway to a dimension. While everybody goes through safely Drake is held back by the soldiers and ultimately left behind.  
The group is now in a different dimension, where an alien invasion is happening and their ony hope of survival against Scavengers is a mech nobody knows how to pilot.

Volume Three?

While there is no official word on why there has been such a long delay for the third volume, Seven Seas Entertainment  confirmed that there will be a third concluding book for the series. The official website confirmed this even further with a 31-Page preview with art by Kriss S. Sison:


Hiroto Nakadai 

 Colleen, Alvin, Hiccup and Ikuko
 Colleen, Alvin, Hiccup and Ikuko
The handsome and mysterious transfer student of the Maunaloa Institute is actually a prince from an alternate dimension. His uncle, Lord Kumagai, murdered his parents and is accusing him of said murder in order for him to obtain the crown. Using malfunctioning devices he travels to an alternate reality where meets more people which accompany on the adventure as he tries to prove his innocence. During his travels he develops feelings for his companion Ikuko. 


 Blunt and Spunky
 Blunt and Spunky
The spunky, Irish heroine is a coffee addict and best friends with Ikuko. While her mannerisms are tomboyish and straightforward she is the centerpiece that attracts many male students. Mainly Alvin and Drake. While her disbelief in Dimension-Traveling makes her unable to contain a lot of stress from the repercussions of what's happening around her, she is a loyal friend to the end. 


The closet genius of the Maunaloa institute, Alvin is a German student with the IQ of a genius and the heart of a nobleman. He also has a very notorious crush on Colleen.   


 Best Friends
 Best Friends
The emotional and moral support of the group, Ikuko is best friends with Colleen and has a crush on Hiroto. When meeting Hiccup for the first time she was scared of the creature, yet, over time they created an inexplicable bond. She knows her school very well which comes in handy when trying to escape it in one of the alternate dimensions. 

Drake Collins

Forever Drake
Forever Drake
Maunaloa Institute's known bully and heartthrob, Drake is best friends with Tom. While his actions are bulling he is a very kind person who is loyal to his friends. He and Tom went along on the groups travels by accident, but things result fatal fro Drake in the first dimension the enter. In the end Drake proves how loyal he is by making the ultimate sacrifice. 


Best friend of Drake, Tom is protective of his friend and mild mannered. His bad temper does not keep him from eventually becoming a loyal friend and asset to the group. 


 Hiroto and Hiccup
 Hiroto and Hiccup
The cute creature from Hiro's world Hiccup is first described as "some kind of mutant cross between a cat and a spider" by Colleen. He and Ikuko become very close very quickly and he pops out in the most convenient moments and beneficial events. He got his name from the sound he makes when not petted: "Hic". 

Lord Kumagai 

 Lord Kumagai
 Lord Kumagai
Hiroto's uncle, also the man responsible for Hiroto's parent's death. He accused Hiro of doing that himself which, if proven true, would allow Kumagai to murder his nephew and give him the right to claim the throne of his dimension.

Lisbeth Striker

In the Mech World the group visits they meet this captain who is one of the few surviving humans on the moon. Her rugged exterior is a result of the post-apocalyptic world she grew up in. She's the best when in battle and her combat skills are exceptional.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Last Hope: Volume Two
Sept. 25, 2006
Last Hope: Volume One
May 15, 2005
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English Name Last Hope
Japanese Name:
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Start Year 2005
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