Last Hope #2 - Last Hope: Volume Two

is a manga book published by Seven Seas Entertainment that was released on 09/25/2006

Plot Summary

Out of the frying pan, into the line of fire! 
On the run from Hiro's villainous uncle and a school full of psycho teachers, the gang escapes to another dimension where, without so much as a breather, they get caught in the middle of an alien invasion! Their only defense? A giant armored mech that none of them knows how to operate!

Chapter Seven: Left Behind

 Alvin Scours the Vents
 Alvin Scours the Vents
As Ikuko, Alvin, Tom and Hiroto regroup they realize that the Himmelskarte is gone, and without it they can't go further with their escape from Hiro's uncle. Colleen catches up with the group telling them that Drake was left behind. While Tom's main concern is why Colleen left his best friend to die, the reality is that he is not dead, but rather about to be killed by the guard who captured him, Fredericks. Mister Sturch interrupts this and realizes that Drake is not from the school so he is taken away to be brutally questioned by the teacher.  
 Drake is Left Behind
 Drake is Left Behind
Alvin, being the smallest in the group is chosen to go through the vents to retrieve the device back. Using Hiccup as a distraction, he acquires the device. He goes back to the vents and finds where Drake is being tortured with daggers. Sturch questions him trying to get Drake to tell him where he came from. Drake says nothing and the group storms in to save him. Drake, Tom and Hiroto battle loads of guards so Alvin activates the Absprung to open a new, random pathway to a different dimension. While everybody goes through safely Drake is held back by the soldiers and against Hiro's efforts he's ultimately left behind.   

Chapter Eight: Striker

As the group arrives in this new dimension Tom's anger is situated towards Hiroto because Drake is left behind. The group has no moment of rest and they are attacked by a huge monster. Tom and Hiroto fight it as much as they can but ultimately they are too weak. Colleen then steps in and kills the creature with her bare hands.and a rock. Another one appears but it's head is blown off by a pistol-like weapon. A woman named Lisbeth Striker arrived to their aid only to be surprise to see "survivors". In disbelief of Colleen's ability to kill the creature with a rock, she laughs. Lisbeth explains that they are in the year 2324 and to avoid being attacked by more creatures, Scavengers they decide to head for a safer place.

Chapter Nine: Swarm

Chapter Ten: Scavengers 
Chapter Eleven: Trimech


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Kriss S. Sison artist,
Michael Dignan writer,


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