Last Hope #1 - Last Hope: Volume One

is a manga book published by Seven Seas Entertainment that was released on 05/15/2005

Plot Summary

Handsome and mysterious transfer student, Hiroto Nakadai, arrives at Maunaloa Academy, but he holds a secret far deeper than anyone can guess. Hiroto is actually a prince form another world, on the run from the evil Lord Kumagai and his dimension-hopping foot soilders. Together with his newfound friends, Hiroto must journey through space and time, into the realms of the imagination, and beyond death itself in order to escape.  
But first he'll have to make it out of high school alive.

Chapter One: Far From Home

 Lord Kumagai
 Lord Kumagai
Hiroto Nakadai's uncle, Lord Kumagai, pursued his nephew using his Enemy Soldiers in attempt to kill him. Hiroto was chased into a lab where he used two artifacts to escape the clutches of his uncle. The two artifacts opened a portal for Hiroto to go through that led him to another dimension. Hiroto escaped but not before establishing that Lord Kumagai made a mistake after killing his father to become king; he didn't kill HIroto. 
 Colleen Needs Coffee
 Colleen Needs Coffee
As Colleen and Ikuko, two students from the Maunaloa Institute for International Studies, head to school, the topic of conversation surrounds Ikuko's infatuation for the mysterious transfer student Hiroto. Before class began. Hiroto comes off as cold-hearted as he declines a dance invitation from another girl named Stacy. This proves that Colleen is right about her first impression of this transfer student.
 "I&squot;m a Genius"
 "I'm a Genius"
After school, when the two friends, Colleen and Ikuko, decide to hang out at a place called the Coffee Bean,  Alvin, a nerdy student in their class, asks if he could accompany them exhibiting clear signs that he has a crush on Colleen. Drake and Tom, two known bullies, arrived on the scene interrupting their conversation. Thinking he has a hold on Collen he begins to hit on her treating her as a possession. Alvin nervously attempts to confront him which causes Alvin to be in the clutches of Tom, that is until Hiroto intervenes. Hiroto demonstrates that he is stronger than Drake and Tom by almost beating them in a fight, that is until their teacher, Mister Sturch, arrives. The teacher's presence stops the fighting so Drake and Tom leave.  
Hiroto overlooks Colleen's safety and directly checks if Alvin is okay. Alvin assures Hiroto that he is okay and after being told by Hiroto that he needs to talk to him, Alvin invites Hiroto to come along to the Coffee Bean. 

Chapter Two: Discoveries

 "My parents died"
 "My parents died"
Once at the Coffee Bean the four students, Colleen, Ikuko, Alvin and Hiroto, express an akward exterior as they indulge in Hiroto's past. After an uncomfortable silence they hear a "hic". Suspiciously Hiroto says that the sound they heard was something that he emitted because of hiccups. Ikuko asks Hiroto about his parents and Hiroto explains that they died one month prior to when he began attending at their school. Uncomforted by the conversation and the fact that he was hiding what the "hic" truly was, Hiroto takes Alvin away because he needs to talk to him. 
 Ikuko meets Hiccup
 Ikuko meets Hiccup
Ikuko and Colleen follow Hiroto and Alvin to Hiroto's home where they listen in to their conversation. Hiroto tells Alvin that he had discovered his secret, and the fact that he does not belong in the school. Alvin explains that the reality of his situation is that he is a genius. Alvin had graduated many years ago but decided to go back to high school hoping that his social status would grow. As HIroto was about to explain what he needed to ask him originally the whatever made the "hic" sound blurted out of Hiroto's backpack. Ikuko and Colleen were listening in from an open window. To listen even more closely Ikuko got on Colleen's back, but ended up being frightened by the fact that a small creature making the "hic" sound was looking right at her on the window. After Ikuko's first encounter Hiroto and Alvin found out that the girls were listening in. Because the girls were attracting too much attention to themselves Hiroto allowed them inside.

Chapter Three: Himmelskarte

 "Some kind of mutant cross between a cat and a spider"
 "Some kind of mutant cross between a cat and a spider"
After Hiroto explains that the creature's name is Hiccup he asks Colleen and Ikkuko how much they heard about their conversation. Establishing that they heard everything, Hiroto explains that he is from another dimension and arrived to their world using two devices; the Absprung and the Himmelskarte. The Absprung, the device that creates a hole in the universe works along the Himmelskarte that works as a map of the dimensions. Hiroto explains that the Himmelskarte had been damaged so the use of Absprung would randomly would open a portal to a different world. Hiroto then tells Alvin that he needs him to fix it, and while Colleen didn't believe Hiroto, Ikoku did so they headed to get Alvin's tools. 
 On their way to get Alvin's tools they stumbled upon Tom and Drake. Drake had a score to settle with Hiroto so the kendo expert challenged the alternate reality character to a fight with wooden sticks. While they had their heated kendo battle they were interrupted by Hiro's uncle. Lord Kumagai's search was over and Hiroto was not ready yet.

Chapter Four: Kumagai

 The Now Dimension-Hoping Team
 The Now Dimension-Hoping Team
Kumagai's arrival freaked out the rest of the group but nothing bothered Hiroto more than when he was accused of killing his own parents when in reality it was his uncle who had killed them. In attempt to fight his uncle Hiroto realized he was no match for him as he crashed on the floor. Ikuko goes to Hiro's aid but Lord Kumagai pushes her away, hurting her. After this Hiroto decides to run, by using the Himmelskarte and the Absprung. Kumagai commands Alvin to hand him the devices but instead Alvin activates it. Colleen helps Ikuko up and along with Hiro and the others they cross to an alternate universe getting away from the uncle and his Enemy Soldiers.

Chapter Five: Brave New World 

 Concentration Camp?
 Concentration Camp?
Once crossing the portal the area seems to be the same place from where they left. They decide to head for the school dorms, but find out that although everything looks the same it really isn't. The school is surrounded by armed men and they see that their classmate Stacy secretly escaping the school. When she is found by the guards the group take advantage of this distraction to enter the school and find out what is going on. Thinking that they were police they enter the school but their idea is changed automatically when they see a guard drag a bloody Stacy inside as he orders the kids to go back to their rooms. The group separates as Drake and Tom try to find their room, Colleen and Alvin try to find Alvin's tools in his room and Ikuko and Hiroto stay behind.  
 Drake and Colleen are Captured
 Drake and Colleen are Captured
Ikuko and Hiroto get into a deep conversation as Ikuko questions if Kumagai's accusation was true. Hiro evades the question and ass that happens the loudspeakers begin to give an announces. All students are ordered to head out to the courtyard. As the students gather outside Alvin breathes heavily as he attempts to tell the two what had happened to Colleen. Mister Struch interrupts the talking of all the students as he tries to make a point at what were to happen if they tried to leave the concentration camp-like school. He makes a point by killing Stacy in front of the whole student body. Tom runs towards the three and explains that what happened to Drake had happened to Colleen; they were taken by the guards for not having an ID.

Chapter Six: Last Stand

 Drake... Dead?
 Drake... Dead?
Colleen and Drake are put in the same cell, and when a guard tries to hurt Colleen, Drake takes the beating for her. After Colleen goes to his aid and thanks him he reveals to her that while he tried to defend her, the took cell keys from him. The two sneak out of the area and run for their lives, but the guard that put them in the cell in the first place catches up to them. Drake heads back to fight him but at the point when he was getting a beating from this guard he tells Colleen to run away. As she farthens from the fight the guard uses lethal force on Drake.


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