Landing! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily

Landing! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 07/05/2009

Amazon Lily Arc

Landing! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily - 上陸!男子禁制の島アマゾン・リリー (Jōriku! Danshi Kinsei no Shima Amazon Rirī)

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The Straw Hat Pirates have been defeated and Luffy is sent flying into the sky to the destination of an unknown island. An island that forbids any man to step foot on it's shores, but most have never even seen a man before.
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Opening Theme-

"Share the World!" by TVXQ

Episode Synopsis

Duval's Rosy Life Riders have found something in Grove #41 of Sabaody Archipelago. They are determined to protect it.

In Grove #1, the Celestial Dragon Shalria is demanding information on the capture of Luffy and his crew.

In Grove #41, the Rosy Life Riders found the Thousand Sunny. They are determined to protect the Straw Hats ship until the coating craftsman returns.

At Shakky's Rip-Off Bar, Camie is worried about Luffy and the others. Hatchan and Pappagu do their best to console her that Luffy's crew is strong, but it's Shakky who brings the truth that up a against an admiral they don't stand much of a chance.

It's sunset and Luffy is being cast through the skies at incredible speed in a huge paw-shaped bubble. He can't move and is screaming for all of his crew.

Luffy calms down and remembers what Sentomaru told him. That when touched by the pads of Bartholomew Kuma. A person will fly off to some destination for three days and nights.

On Luffy's path he strikes a rock, but keeps going and is unharmed. Luffy knows he's as good as dead if he falls into the ocean now. By night time, Luffy has fallen asleep.

Some time later, Luffy lands on an unknown island. A shock wave hits at the moment of the landing and softens the impact. Luffy even realizes his rubber powers aren't what kept him alive.

In the jungle Luffy is in. A large beast is stalking him. Luffy is more curious about where Sabaody Archipelago is located, and he remembers the Vivre Card given to him by Rayleigh. He holds out the paper, and starts running in the direction it pointed. The giant boar directly after him.

As he's running. He hast flashbacks of the fight with the admiral and Kuma. Luffy is angry at himself that he wasn't strong enough to protect his friends. So much so that he heads right into a mountain face.

Luffy's Vivre Card to Rayleigh is pointing in the direction of the other side of the mountain. So, Luffy uses a Giant Pistol attack to make a hole through the mountain. The boar following Luffy is now afraid. Luffy's tired and hungry, and he now notices the boar, and Luffy eats it. This experience brings back memories of the training his grandfather made him do for survival, but he'd rather not remember.

Alone in the woods, Luffy starts to feel alone and remember all the times with his friends. He then notices some of what he thinks are Laughing Mushrooms. He picks some and eats them. He then starts to laugh himself silly. he notices other kinds of mushrooms and starts eating those as well. Those make him feel mad. So, he goes back to the Laughing Mushrooms.

Luffy is now grabbing random mushrooms to eat.

Elsewhere on the island, someone has noticed the smoke from Luffy's cooking fire and come to investigate. They are worried about a possible intruder. These people have snakes with them and move incredibly fast.

The natives find Luffy's campsite. There are the bones of the giant boar, and Luffy is face up on the ground and covered with mushrooms all over his body. They appear to be growing out of him.

The people who have found Luffy are three women. They have mistaken Luffy as a girl fro a nearby village. Luffy ate a Parasite Mushroom. They decide to take Luffy back to the village.

In the village, there are stone snake decorations on the buildings all over. Everyone around appears to be a woman. The doctor, Belladonna, advises to first pull off all the mushrooms growing off his body. No one has realized he's a boy yet. With all the mushrooms removed. There are still the roots. Belladonna tells Margaret to step aside. She lights a match and throws it on Luffy's body. He;s now covered in flames and jumping around, but passes out again.

They take Luffy to the river to clean his body and treat his preexisting wounds. Women are all around as Luffy is being washed. As they are scrubbing him Sweatpea believes she has found one more mushroom between his legs. They blow away the bubbles to get a better look, but Margaret notices this one looks different from the others. Sweatpea notices a sack under the mushroom. Thinking it needs to be removed. Sweatpea grabs with both hands and starts to tug, but it wont come off like the others did. They ask Aphelandra is she can pull off this stretching mushroom.Everyone wants to try tugging on it. One woman suggests burning this one off.

An old lady called Elder Nyon appears to see the commotion. Margaret shows Luffy and ask what they should do about this strange mushroom. Nyon sees where the mushroom is and suddenly realizes the truth. She announces to everyone's shock that Luffy is actually a man. They have never seen a man before. Amazon Lily is an island of only women.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
LuffyGear Third: Giant Pistol

Characters & Voice Actors

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Granny Nyon ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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