Land of the Blindfolded

Land of the Blindfolded is an manga series
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It's about Kanade Otsuka who can see the future when she touches something or someone.


In a world where everybody is blind... Is there anyone who knows?....What would you call someone who could see?... My blindfold...occasionally slips a bit...


  • Japan - Hakusensha
  • America - CMX Manga
  • Singapore - Chuang Yi

Publishing History

Land of the Blindfolded is written by Tsukuba Sakura, and it is first published by Hakusensha in Lala magazine in 1998. It ended with 9 tankobon volumes from February 2000 to April 5, 2004 in Japan. CMX released the first volume in November 1, 2004, and it ended in August 13, 2006.



Column HeadColumn Head
Kanade Outsuka
Kanade Outsuka
She can see in the future. She has brown hair and is very average looking. She works very hard and when someone is in danger she will always step in to help. With her powers Kanade helps others. When she helps other most of the time she gets scolded but she does not care as long as she can help. Thats something else we learn about her she has a strong conscience and will sacrifice he life for anyone she can save. Later in the story she reveals feelings for Arou but is he the only love interest.
Arou Naitou
He can see the past. He has dark hair and goes to the same school as Kanade. He is also a great cook and works hard. Arou uses his powers most of the time to get to know others but he can't control his range of sight. But unlike Kanade he is not afraid of "seeing ". Later as he sees how Kanade uses her power for good he decides to help her. While helping he finds new feelings for Kanade.

Heiki Shouko
He can see in the future but he has bad motives. He is very handsome and went to a different school. In the beginning he saved Kanade from getting scolded but when he realized the she has the same power as him he transferred to her school. There also met Arou and the rest of Kanade's friends. Unlike Kanade he doesn't save others and just laughs and watches. When he meets Kanade he is surprised by what she does for others and finds new motives for his powers. But he also discovers new feelings.
EzawaHe is a handsome boy that goes to the same school as Kanade and her friends. He is very popular with the girls and never turns away a confession. When Eri confesses to him he realizes that she is different from most girls and he is given another chance.
Kawamura Yukikoa long haired, pretty girl that plays a side character in volume 1.
Eri-chanbest friend of Kanade. She is a sporty type of girl but she is as gentle and kind as they come. She is dating the popular and handsome Ezawa. She is very tolerance and falls for Ezawa but when he tells her that he does not truly love her it only gave her more of a reason to try.


General Information Edit
English Name Land of the Blindfolded
Japanese Name: 目隠しの国
Romaji: Mekakushi No Kuni
Publisher Hakusensha
Start Year 1998
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Aliases Mekakushi No Kuni
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