Lancer is a anime/manga character in the Fate/Stay Night franchise
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Lancer is a is a fierce but balanced warrior who enjoys combating worthy opponents. He has a playful attitude and takes a very carefree approach to life, but is quick to work himself into a frenzy during a heated battle. Lancers are hailed as the "Most Agile" of Servants.


Lancer's true identity is that of Cú Chulainn, an Irish mythological figure who was born a demigod due to the union between a mortal woman who was the younger sister of King Conchobar mac Nessa and the Celtic god of the sun Lugh. Born under the name Setanta, he gained his well-known name after accidentally slaying the guard dog of a master butcher named Culann. He became a warrior for the kingdom of Ulster at the young age of 13 under their Red Branch Knights and gained possession of the cursed spear, Gae Bolg, at age 16 when he encountered the sorceress Scathach. Blessed with the spear and magical runes from the sorceress, it was predicted that Chulainn would achieve many great deeds during his lifetime yet he would die young.

His death would come about during a war with the country of Connacht. In an act of mercy, Chulainn spared and returned the country's queen Madb after succeeding in capturing her as he had no desire of killing lords and women. This would be his undoing as Madb had a reputation for being a warmongering and aggressive ruler, who took her return to her kingdom as an insult and she sought vengeance against him. Exploiting the various curses cast on Chulainn that insured his loyalty to Ulster, Madb sent various warriors after him who held personal grudges against him. These challenges forced Chulainn to break the oaths he swore to from the curses and they gradually made him weaker. With Ulster struggling to fend against Connacht due to much of its populace falling to sickness, Chulainn attempted to fend off Madb's army on his own yet would eventually be brutally killed from the enemy using his own cursed spear against him.


Lancer was originally created for Type Moon's visual novel game, Fate/ Stay Night, in 2004. There is no information on his character creation known. He has appeared in a number of anime and manga adaptations of Fate and other Type-Moon titles. He is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna for Japanese versions of his character and by Tony Oliver in English adaptations of the 2006 Fate/ Stay Night TV anime and the 2010 film adaptation of the Unlimited Blade Works route. Lancer makes another debut in Carnival Phantasm, a 2011 parody spin-off anime series that involves Type-Moon characters which was created by Eri Takenashi. His current anime debut is the ongoing anime series, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works.



Lancer stands at 185 centimeters tall and weighs 70 kilograms, having blue hair and red eyes. When in battle, Lancer normally dons a blue full body suit that is covered in magical runes.


Lancer is a warrior who enjoys battling worthy opponents and can often find himself going into a frenzy during battles. Despite this, he does have a carefree and playful attitude as he hates killing innocent people and strongly values loyalty towards others.


  • Kirei Kotomine- Lancer holds hostility towards his Master for his deceitful and manipulative nature, yet has no choice but to follow his orders.
  • Rin Tohsaka and Shiro Emiya- The bond Lancer develops with Rin and Shiro throughout the Unlimited Blade Works route reveals more of Lancer's personality as he is devoted to aiding the two with their struggle against Caster and playfully teasing them at points throughout their ordeal. The bond proves great enough where Lancer defied Kirei's orders at the cost of his own life to ensure Rin's survival against the twisted priest.


Lancer was originally summoned to the Holy Grail War by an Irish magus named Bazett Fraga McRemitz using Chulainn's magical rune ear rings as a medium for the summon. Originally, he sought to be killed by a worthy opponent. However, his wish was broken when Bazett was killed by Kotomine Kirei, who severed her arm and obtained her Command Spells. Forced into being Kirei's Servant, Lancer was used as reconnaissance by Kirei to observe the other Masters and Servants participating in the Grail War. He would be forced into a fight against Archer, before observing the presence of Shiro Emiya during the battle. Following the rules of the Grail War, Lancer fatally wounds Shiro with Gae Bolg to prevent an outsider from knowing of the Grail War's existence.

Yet upon learning Shiro was still alive, Lancer would appear before Shiro at his household to attempt killing him again. However, Shiro's accidental summoning of Saber leads the two Servants into a fight and being forced to flee when Archer and Rin Tohsaka arrive at the scene.


Lancer would appear before Shiro again later in Fate when Shiro makes his way into the basement of Kirei's church. Wounding the boy with his spear, Shiro is eventually rescued by Saber and Lancer becomes disgusted to learn that Kirei was in a partnership with another Servant in the form of Gilgamesh. Having enough of Kirei's deceit, Lancer fights against Gilgamesh and tells Saber and Shiro to flee. He is eventually slain by the King of Heroes in battle.

Unlimited Blade Works

Here, Lancer is ordered by Kirei to aid Shiro and Rin in their struggle against Caster as both lost control of their Servants to her. He develops a bond with the two throughout the route as he aids them in their plan against Caster by holding off Archer as they traverse deeper into Caster's lair and also assisting in tracking Rin's whereabouts when she is captured following Caster's defeat. Upon rescuing Rin, Lancer encounters Kirei as he orders him to kill Rin and implant Illyasviel's heart into her to make her body a host for the Holy Grail. Refusing Kirei's command, the priest uses a Command Spell to force Lancer into killing himself with his spear. However, Lancer remains alive long enough to kill Kirei, bid Rin farewell and set the Einzbern castle ablaze.

Heaven's Feel

Lancer is sent to investigate a disturbance at the Ryuudou Temple and is forced into battle against True Assassin. He is eventually killed by True Assassin, who consumes his heart and then has his body consumed by the shadows of Dark Sakura.

Powers & Abilities

Lancer is a well-balanced Servant who has skills in the use of both magic and combat. These abilities would have allowed him to also be summoned as a Caster or Berserker, the former due to his knowledge of using rune magic and the latter due to having gone into berserk rages at several points in his life.

Having studied the use of rune magic through Scathach, Lancer can make use of 18 magical runes that serve to provide differing purposes for him in battle. He can use them to scan his surroundings, create barriers, burn down buildings, protect against petrification, make magical armor out of his bodysuit and temporarily augment his attributes. He is knowledgeable enough of magic as such where he can detect magically-created formations such as Rider's Blood Fort Andromeda and has a decent Magic Resistance rating as such where he is unaffected by spells cast with up to two verses.

As a warrior, Lancer is among one of the fastest Servants in the Grail War and is a fierce combatant skilled in wielding his spear, the cursed Gae Bolg. The spear has two techniques that Lancer uses as Noble Phantasms through calling out the spear's name where he can either use a thrust that ignores cause and effect to always strike the opponent's heart or a more powerful attack that can take out a group of enemies. He is a skilled monster exterminator as such where he would have an advantage over Rider in battle due to her Gorgon blood giving her a "monster" status. In addition, Lancer possesses the ability of Battle Continuation where he can continue to fight for prolonged periods of time if he sustains fatal wounds.

Other Media

Visual Novel

  • Fate/stay Night
  • Fate/ hollow Ataraxia

Video Games

  • Fate/tiger colosseum
  • Fate/unlimited Codes
Voiced by
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Tony Oliver
Nobutoshi Canna
Rank Game #827 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Lancer
Name: ランサー
Romanji: Ransā
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fate/stay night #1
1st anime episode: Fate/stay night #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Cú Chulainn
Recent Movies
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

An alternate retelling of Fate/Stay Night based off of the original visual novel's scenario by the same name. It primarily focuses on Shirou, Archer, and ...

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