Lance is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Lance is a commander of a Demon Card unit in Punk Street. He is a murderer of Musica's family.


A Demon Card Commander or Captain who wants Galein Musica to make the Beast Sword for him. Lance awards Galein by using the Beast Sword to kill his family.


Lance Notes vol 2
Lance Notes vol 2

Originally, Hiro Mashima has Lance sketched as a weaker character who cosplays, but he has rejected the idea and recreated Lance as a evil, cruel man since Rave Master's story was getting more serious. Lance is voiced by Kazuya Ichijou in the Japanese version and Michael Mcconnohie in the English version.

Story Arc

Musica Arc

Note: Episode 5 (Please delete note after adding ep. 4)

Lance licks his sword
Lance licks his sword

After capturing Elie, Lance holds her captive. When Elie tries to play a game (because she is bored being a captive), she gets on Lance's nerves which prompts him to threaten her by thrusting his sword into the wall near her arm. Lance says he will kill her if she will not shut up. Elie responds that Lance is breaking his promise with Haru, but Lance states the outcome will be the same: Elie and Haru will die. Elie says Haru is stronger, but Lance likes the idea of a stronger opponent. This causes Lance to shows his psychopathic side when he licks his sword.

Powers and Abilities

Voiced by
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Kazuya Ichijou
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Name: Lance
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Rave Master #2
1st anime episode: Rave Master #3
1st anime movie:
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