Lamia Scale

Lamia Scale is a anime/manga concept
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One of the top four Guilds in Fiore. Their Guild Master is Jura Nekis.


Symbol of Lamia Scale

A Lamia is a monster that is made of woman's upper body and the tail varies from myth to myth. Usually the tail resembles a snake in Greek mythology.

Reasons for choosing the symbol: Unknown since Hiro Mashima has not talk about it. He only talks about how he chose the symbol for Fairy Tail guild.

Home base of Lamia Scale

It has not been reveal yet. So far, Fairy Tail, Phantom guild, and Blue Pegasus has their home base shown.


WizardsMagic, Abilities, WeaknessesLamia StampFirst Appearance
Jura Nekis
Jura Nekis
Magic: He can control the earth to take different forms.
Abilities: Unknown.
Weakness: Unknown.
UnknownChaper 132 and Episode 52
Yuka Suzuki
Yuka Suzuki
Magic: His wave magic can nullify other mages' magic.
Abilities: Unknown
Weaknesses: His magic does not stop physical blows
UnknownChapter 27 and Episode 12
Magic: Poisonous claws
Abilities: Unknown
Weaknesses: Stupidity
UnknownChapter 27 and Episode 12
Sherry Blendi
Sherry Blendi
Magic: Possession of souls, celestial spirits, and inanimate objects
Create dolls out of nature
Allies: Uses a giant pet rat named Sherry, but Sherry disappears after the Galuna arc.
Weaknesses: lacks hand-to-hand combat skills (see Lucy's fight)
UnknownChapter 27 and Episode 11
Lyon Bastia
Lyon Bastia
Magic: Ice creation magic = can use ice make with one hand.
Differences from Gray: His ice make is usually moving animals.
Abilities: Hand-to-hand combat, stripping, leadership, and strategy master
Weaknesses: Ice magic is weak against fire, but Lyon can get around the weakness. As of the time skip, his weakness could be Juvia, his new crush.
A dark blue stamp on his right breast.Chapter 27 and Episode 12

Anime and Manga Differences

General Information Edit
Concept Name Lamia Scale
Japanese Name: ラミアスケイル
Romaji Name: Ramia Sukeiru
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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