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LaMB is an anime movie
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LaMB... a pleasant surprise,,, despite obvious flaws Reviewed by EganTheVile1 on June 11, 2011. EganTheVile1 has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for The girl in the dark. 15 out of 17 users recommend his reviews.
After watching LaMB for the first time I am left with several impressions, the animation and artwork is sometimes high quality and other times lacking, and somewhat reminiscent of a motion comic. The plot is intriguing to say the least, and the romantic overtones of the story do genuinely draw upon your emotions. LaMB was an unexpected movie I am happy to have watched. 
This Sci-Fi romance set in a bleak future where Earth is no longer habitable and humans are terraforming worlds throughout space, a scientist who specializes in botany, Jack Griswold, arrives on the planet Cerra to work on terraforming it, soon after arriving his robots turn on him, and as he is not comfortable working with robots any more is assigned a lamb, a enhanced human, Jack is unaware of what a Lamb is, essentially an enslaved prisoner, but becomes gradually more and more personally involved with the lamb he is assigned to, Eve 1135. As the past of Eve and Jack are revealed the story grows into a romance of two individuals with tragic pasts.  
From here on, I refuse to spoil this movie!
This film, was awesome, and well worth watching, The story makes up for any minor complaints about the animation, 
If you like sci-fi romances you will dig LaMB.
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