Lady Versus Virgin?

Lady Versus Virgin? is an anime episode of Ladies versus Butlers that was released on 01/26/2010

Plot Summary

Akiharu accidentally walks in on the middle-eastern student Ayse Khadim while she's changing clothes in an empty classroom, and her bodyguard Hedyeh is not happy at all about it. However, the Khadim family rules dictate that because Akiharu laid eyes on her body, the two of them have to become married.

What follows is a string of over-enthusiastic attempts by Hedyeh to bring Ayse and Akiharu closer together, sometimes through violent threats and at one point she even kidnaps Akiharu and ties him to a bed. However, Tomomi comes in at the last second and saves Akiharu after finding a loophole in the rules of the Khadim family. Near the end of the episode, it is hinted that Ayse really did have feelings for Akiharu.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Atsushi Ootsuki Director A Storyboard artist and episode director.


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