Lady Versus Magical

Lady Versus Magical is an anime episode of Ladies versus Butlers that was released on 02/16/2010

Plot Summary

The princess of a small island nation is such an otaku for a magical girl anime called Magical Diva that she even dresses up as her complete with hammer and slogans. After Akiharu finds her dropped hammer one day, she feels embarrassed to reveal her love of the show at first. However, she discovers that the principal is a full-blown otaku who shares her love of the show, so she suggests making a doujinshi about it, but Kaede won't be able to attend thanks to the death stare of Mikan nearby. After showing a few episodes to some of the class at school, Pina proposes making an independent doujinshi of Magical Diva with the ladies at school cosplaying as the cast of the show. With Akiharu's help, she decides to rope as many women as she can into posing in lewd costumes for the doujinshi she plans to make based on that series. Hijinks ensue as she tries to drag Mimina into her book, until she finally gives in.

In the end, the doujinshi is a hit with the class.

Characters & Voice Actors

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