Lady Versus Lady!

Lady Versus Lady! is an anime episode of Ladies versus Butlers that was released on 01/12/2010

Plot Summary

Akiharu begins his first day of real school. After his new roommate Daichi helps fix up his butler uniform, Akiharu is introduced to the class where he finds out that there are a grand total of five boys attending the school, including Shingo (the pervert), Mitsuru (the little boy), Daichi (Akiharu's aforementioned roommate) and an unnamed upperclassman. Everyone else is either studying to become a maid or an upper-class lady. At lunch, Akiharu is tasked with serving Sernia's table. However, he takes the opportunity to "accidentally" spill water on her. He ends up receiving karmic retribution when the uber-clumsy maid Sanae spills a bowl full of hot gravy all over his face.

Akiharu decides to take a shower and clean himself off, but just as he's about to dry off Sanae followed him in to apologize and then accidentally mounts him, but refuses to get off until she's satisfied (" sister told me before, whenever a girl gets in a mounting position, she can't get off until she's done what she needs to do."). However, Daichi and the school principal Kaede end up catching Akiharu with his face under Sanae's crotch. It only gets more awkward when Kaede actually approves of the act, as if it were some sort of H-game.

Akiharu's next class involves a specialized training session with Mikae-sensei. First he's forced to jump in a pool in his full butler uniform to simulate trying to rescue his master after she falls off a cruise ship, then after another argument with Sernia he ends up seeing the face of the last boy in the school: Toichiro Kazamatsuri, or just "Daikiji." Then Mikan decides to suddenly add waves to the pool and simulates an attack by enemy guerillas to increase the challenge. Then Sanae screws up again and latches on to Akiharu, dragging him down. Sernia tries to toss a life preserver, but it smacks Akiharu in the head, knocking him unconscious.

Akiharu wakes up in the hospital, where he learns a bit why his childhood friend Tomomi came to this school. And then Tomomi reveals that Sernia has been eavesdropping that whole time.

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Atsushi Ootsuki Director A Storyboard artist and episode director.


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