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In the Australian forest, the Borman family finds a dying woman who begs them to take care of her newborn daughter, Georgie. Despite the opposition of Mrs. Borman, the father agrees, and the girl is raised as their own, with no mention of her true parents or that her father was a British convict. Mr. Borman dies rescuing Georgie from a river, and his two sons, Abel and Arthur, keep their promise to look after their "sister," though they are both falling in love with her themselves. When Georgie falls in love with the Englishman Dowell Gray, Abel confesses his feelings to his mother, who in her fury blurts out Georgie's true origins. Georgie goes to England to find her birth father, and her arrival causes Dowell to dump his fiancée Elise, the daughter of the powerful Duke Dunkelin. With little evidence but the bracelet that is the sole memento of her real mother, Georgie eventually tracks down her father, who is, of course, not exactly a convict but the noble Earl Gerald. Meanwhile, however, the evil Dunkelin has captured Arthur, who has followed Georgie to England and accidentally witnessed the duke's drug-smuggling operation. Arthur nearly dies from the drugs fed to him by Dunkelin's men, while Abel is thrown into the dungeons of the Tower of London for killing one of Dunkelin's relatives.

With a Victorian setting, a foundling heroine, and a long quest for love, LG closely resembles the landmark Candy Candy, all the more for being based on a manga in Shojo Comic by the same artist, Yumiko Igarashi, though originally written as a novel by Michiru Isawa. Eventually, everything ends happily with Georgie and her "brothers" returning to their native Australia, though the original novel was far more tragic. As with the same year's Treas-ures of the Snow, the anime adaptation builds on the original story, chiefly with early scenes of the heroine's childhood not in the novel or manga versions. These were perhaps inserted as an afterthought to justify scenes of playtime with koala bears, a ubiquitous feature of early 1980s anime-see The Noozles.

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General Information Edit
Name Lady Georgie
Name: レディジョージィ
Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 1983
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Aliases Joaninha
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