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Gundam-meets-Indiana Jones as treas-ure-hunting archaeologists fight over an ancient energy source. Spunky hero Riot Geenas travels a postapocalyptic world accompanied by his dim but well-intentioned twin-girl companions, Sulpica and Seneca. He needs the mystic energy Lidorium that's found in the artifact known as the Eye of Zalem, but so too do his competitors, the evil Dempsters. When he finally locates the Eye, it's being worn around the pretty neck of bar owner Yuta la Carradine, who insists on accompanying him on his quest until such time as he can pay for the damages done to the establishment in a brawl with his enemies. Needless to say, Yuta is the last inheritor of the ancient Kingdom of Quall who holds the key to unlocking its powers, which are unleashed in a grand finale involving massive collateral damage amid ancient ruins, the defeat of the bad guy, and the arrival of the titular war machine, a giant robot hidden inside a transforming humpback whale. Derivative hokum, repeated five years later in the suspiciously similar Beast Warriors, with which it shares a director. The last anime translation to be made in the U.K. by Western Connection and subtitled in that low-budget company's inimitable randomly timed style.

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General Information Edit
Name: Ladius
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1987
Romaji: Makyo Gaiden Le Deus
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 48 (mins)
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Aliases Demon Frontier Legend Le Deus Le Deus
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