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Ladies versus Butlers is an anime series in the Ladies versus Butlers franchise
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Ok, no. Reviewed by Thanatos on Nov. 18, 2010. Thanatos has written 8 reviews. His/her last review was for Ladies versus Butlers. 14 out of 19 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
I had already read a few reviews for this show when I started watching, so I knew what I was getting into. Essentially an endless parade of boobage and perversion. Ooh boy the other negative reviews don't do it justice. Some of the stuff I have seen before in other anime, so I have no problems with it. Then there comes the stuff I've only seen in this one, perverted scenes involving little girls... no, just no. And the unending stupid dialogue between the two female leads just gets SO boring. And don't even get me started about  the ending, I've seen some stuff that was open ended but THIS... this just rips the carpet out from under your feet and makes the hours of stuff you watched even more pointless than it was before. If anyone that watches this wants to get ANYTHING resembling resolution out of this, just don't watch the last ten minutes or so of the last episode. I plan on just erasing that part from my memory so I can pretend that I actually got some story out of the whole mess.
The only thing that makes this one rank above one to no stars in my opinion is that there ARE some parts where I laughed hard enough to cry, and the blond with the hugely exaggerated ponytails is kinda cute, especially when she's angry. Which is almost all the time.
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