Ladies versus Butlers Characters

Ladies versus Butlers is an anime series in the Ladies versus Butlers franchise
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Akiharu Hino

The main protagonist of the story and one of the butlers-in-training.

Ayse Khadim

A soft-spoken lady from an unnamed Middle Eastern country who develops feelings for Akiharu to the point where she plans to marry him.


Ayse's overprotective bodyguard who shelters her from anything she even thinks could be a threat.

Kaede Tenjōji

Hakureiryou Academy's principal who happens to be a full-blown otaku. She treats Akiharu as if he were a character in an H-game, and even proposes school events that seem similar to situations from anime.

Kaoru Daichi

Akiharu's roommate and fellow butler-in-training.


The head instructor of the academy who wields fountain pens as deadly weapons and is not afraid to use them against any slackers, including the principal herself.

Mimina Ōsawa

Mimina is a 19-year-old girl who looks more like a 10-year-old due to an illness.

Mitsuru Sanke

Short, young butler-in-training. One of the few guys studying at the academy.

Pina Sformklan Estor

Princess of a tiny island nation who transferred to a Japanese school because of her love of anime.

Sanae Shikikagami

Clumsy maid-in-training with large breasts who finds a way to trip over something, anything, in every episode she appears in.

Saori Shikikagami

Sanae's sister who managed to get enrolled in the upper-class school before her family's fortune went bust.

Selnia Iori Flameheart

Daughter of a wealthy English family studying at the school.

Shingo Todoroki

Butler-in-training and one of the few guys studying at Hakureiryou Academy.

Suiran Fou

Suiran Fou is one of Selnia's friends in the Ladies versus Butlers series.

Tomomi Saikyō

Childhood Friend of Hino Akiharu

Tōichirō Kazamatsuri

Big flaming bishonen who pops up every so often to flaunt his beauty. Possibly the only male student at the school who is not a butler-in-training.

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