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Airi Kuze

A half-robot girl who has a crush on Haruki Komaba.

Aki Nijou

The school nurse and staff-advisor of Tenbi Gakuen. Has the largest breasts of the cast.

Akira Amamiya

Akira Amamiya is Yuko's abusive step-brother.

Beatrice Grese

A mysterious doctor that works at Clermont Medical Hospital, who has a connection to the Amalgams.

Dr. Arkeville

A mad scientist who is an ally of the Decepticons

Dr. Brief

Founder of the Capsule Corporation and father of Bulma.

Dr. Jack Griswold

Male protagonist from the movie LaMB

Ema Skye

Ema Skye is a hopeful scientific investigator and went to school to bring her skills in forensics to help the truth.

Fran Madaraki

Main character of Franken Fran.

Hajime Hiura

Dr. Hajime Hiura is a neurosurgeon in Japan and also Seleaco Number V.

Hijiri Fuso

Hijiri Fusō is the school nurse and leader of the Boxing Club who is the only one who knows about Shingo's gynophobia.

Jezebel Disraeli

Kazutaka Muraki

Psychopathic, sadistic doctor that doubles as an efficient serial killer; he is the main antagonist of Descendants of Darkness.

Keiko Kurakake

Main character of cambrian

Kyosuke Irie

The Director of the Village Clinic

Lloyd Asplund

Lloyd is an Earl of Britannia, a brilliant scientist for the Britannian army, and the creator of the Lancelot Knightmare Frame.

Medusa Gorgon

Medusa is one of the main villains in Soul Eater. She is a witch who seeks the revival of the Kishin.

Mikoto Itoshiki

Mikoto is a doctor that has a clinical named "Itoshiki Clinic." He is the third son in the Itoshiki family.

Miss Tonomura

Miss Tonomura is the doctor of Ame no Kisaki Girl's School.


The nurse of the school where Fukaya and Fujino study, her name is known.

Professor Birch

The Pokemon Professor of the Hoenn region.

Professor Ivy

Pokemon Professor that's located on Valencia Island. She's the one that gave Ash the "GS Ball".

Professor Juniper

The Pokémon Professor of the Unova region.

Professor Oak

He is the authority on Pokémon. He gave Ash his Pikachu.

Professor Page

Chief scientist aboard the Explorer

Professor Sebastian

He is a Team Rocket scientist.

Rei Takashima

Rei Takashima is a doctor and scientist of Deadman Wonderland. Her main duties are to research the various deadmen that are imprisoned there.

Reika Kitami

Reika Kitami is the primary antagonist of the Bible Black series.

Rika Shiguma

Very intelligent girl who is into yaoi.

Ritsuko Akagi

Ritsuko is the lead scientist of NERV. A fake blond, and college friend of Misato Katsuragi and Kaji. She followed the path of her mother. In both science and lovers.

Ruiru Kaneshiro

The Head Nurse in the Night Shift Nurses second series.

Ryuuji Hirasaka

The lecherous doctor of the Night Shift Nurses franchise.

Saiko Akamine

Saiko Akamine is the school nurse at the Kouryoukan Academy.

Satomi Hakase

The scientist of Negi's class 3-A and partial creator of Evangeline's robotic partner Chachamaru.

Seta Noriyasu

Tokyo University Professor, Archaeologist, Keitaro's role model and Naru's Crush

Shion Karanomori

Shion Karsnomori who is an analyst in the Public Safety Bureau's General Analysis Division and a latent criminal in the Anime/Manga Psycho Pass

The Doctor

The Doctor is a member of Millennium from Hellsing.The disease mind responsible for making the 1,000 armies of Vampires.

Toshio Fukai

Toshio Fukai is a doctor in Okinawa, and the adopted grandfather of Ao Fukai.

Toshio Ozaki

Dean of medicine at the Sotoba hospital, Ozaki investigates the mysterious deaths that begin occurring in the small town. Married and a chain-smoker.

Touko Hizuki

The well-endowed nurse and older sister of Ayana.

Urada Oikawa

The busty school nurse with knowledge of the Qwasers.

Watari Yutaka

He's a scientist and inventor in the Ministry of Hades. He's trying to make a sex change potion for unknown reasons...

Yukiko Minase

Yukiko Minase is the step sister of Taki Minase. She assisted in translating the Black Bible.

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