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Welcome to the weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia report! Last week was an episode where Nova and Liberta were tested by Dante as they face their past once more. Oh, I'm sorry about the delay. Starting in September, I'm not sure if I can keep covering this series with the other anime series, doing wiki work with my teammates, and doing school at the same time.

I might do this biweekly.


Felicitá, Luca, Debito, and Pace are trekking towards Luca's secret herb garden, so Luca can whip up a cool potion. Meanwhile, Nova and Libertà are looking for Felicitá to deliver Sumire's letter, but they got lost along the way.

What's in Sumire's letter? Check out episode 7 of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia!


Beware of spoilers!


What is Sumire up to?
What is Sumire up to?
  • We get to see more of Luca and Jolly's relationship. Luca hates his teacher without giving us a clue.
  • Sumire is a naughty woman who apparently was the mastermind behind all of this incidents in the last episodes to help Libertà, Nova, and Felicitá.
  • If you love Pace and Debito, this episode gave some attention to them. I'm not sure why Debito wanted to rip up the photo. Yet, he didn't do it.


No action just some flirty scenes
No action just some flirty scenes
  • After an exciting episode last week, this episode is a bit mellow, and if you are looking for some action, the slow pacing of this story that covers more of the characters can kill you.
  • Felicitá's Personality: I can't seem to grasp Felicitá, but maybe you guys and gals can help me. She can be sweet, rebellious, violent, and quiet. That's what I'm confused about.

Compared to the last week's episode, this episode can be boring or not which depends on you. It got more characters insight but not much action. So far, the slow pacing of this story is for fans who like to take it slow.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. Please support the anime and the wiki editors. I welcome any help to the project or other wiki projects in this community. Just don't plagiarized. My teammates are Sonata and BigHeart711.

Wiki Progress: I don't think I updated the character pages yet, but I did finished Ep. 7 wiki page.

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Are they fighting yet? I thought the premise of this was that everyone was gonna have to beat each other up tournament style until a winner was declared?

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@sickVisionz: No they haven't even begun to fight yet. It was more character development, which I don't mind to a certain extent because I like the characters. Though I feel where this is going we are going with hardly any action to get cheated out of a really good ending. 
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@sickVisionz: @Sonata:

I don't think we ever get a proper ending since I think we only have 5 episodes left. Plus, it's a reverse harem based otome, so I'm guessing they will end it without a clear winner to avoid favoring a male love interest over the others. I'm thinking that they would just do side stories for each male love interest like they did for Alice in the Country of Hearts manga.

Thanks for the comments, guys!

Post by sickVisionz (4,325 posts) See mini bio Level 24

That's a bummer. When the anime chart with this came out I was interested because it seemed like by default it would have to be an action show and I have a love affair with JC Staff. That first episode basically ended with that big boss guy being like, "you all will have to fight each from here on out." It's a let down to here that none of that really played out as I'd hoped it would.

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