Weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia: Ep. 12 - Arcana Duello

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Welcome to the last La Storia della Arcana Famiglia weekly report! 12 weeks has passed so quickly, and the series is all wrapped up. Let's goes over the episode.


The day of the Arcana Duello is here! Who will the winner and the new Papa or Donna (the female mafia boss) of the Arcana Famiglia? Be prepared for the season finale of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia!

All episodes of this series can be watched legally on Crunchyroll.


Beware of spoilers!


Best yet predictable match
Best yet predictable match
  • We finally get the tournament and some action. Though, there's not much since Libertà and Nova's match along with Felicità's match with Mondo take up a lot of attention.
  • For Libertà and Nova fans, you'll love this episode. Besides those two characters, Felicità gains some closure since she saves her father and restores everything back to normal. She has matured well throughout the series.
  • For wiki, this is just me being weird. I got to see most of the stigmata except for Mondo and Elmo's. We'll never know what Elmo's Arcana Powers are unless you guys play the game or read the manga. Feel free to fill me in.

Here's the stigmata shots.

I hope to complete the Arcana Powers wiki page soon. I didn't expect Luca's stigmata to be on his tongue because I thought Debito's stigmata would be under his eyepatch or his tongue.


Don't cry Luca. You'll get some love
Don't cry Luca. You'll get some love
  • Characters missing in action: For fans who love Jolly, Debito, Pace, or Luca, you'll be sad with their matches and low spotlight. This series just favored Libertà, Nova, and Felicità. Though, I felt that Jolly had a more significant role than the three guys due to his past and involvement with Arcana Powers. It's such a shame that we don't see their fights in detail.
  • Unneeded flashbacks: We seen Libertà and Nova's flashbacks twice already. There's no need to play them again in this episode where we need to see new stuff and more action.


I expected more boom from Dante
I expected more boom from Dante
  • Debito and Luca's Arcana Powers are amazing. I thought Luca had a good chance because he pretty much nullifies other people's power. For Debito, he cheats with his powers.
  • Why was Sumire fighting? There was nothing to gain for her.
  • Weapons Match up: Even though most were swords, there were guns, a fan, knives, and a bazooka. I was stoked that Dante is using a bazooka, yet he misses Libertà. This means Dante is a bad shot. But, it's anime, so there's no logic.

Overall, this episode is fine and depends on you guys and gals. The action leaves a lot to be desired since you have flashbacks that stalled and were unneeded. A little action between Felicita and Debito, Pace, and Luca wouldn't hurt. The sword fight between Nova and Liberta is good but a bit mediocre. The best sword fight in the series was Dante and Liberta on the ship.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report and supporting the franchise.

Wiki Progress: I finished Ep. 12, and I have to add the right accent mark to Felicità and Libertà's names for each episode. Also, I have to make sure the formatting is consistent. For characters and concepts, I have to put it off later, or my teammates will tend to them or not. I have other wiki projects with teammates that need attention since this series is done.

If you fans out there have free time, my teammates and I appreciate any help on the wiki pages.

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