Weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia: Ep. 11 - Arcana Triangolo

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Welcome to the weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia! The show is winding down because the characters at the end of episode 11 talked about the last episode for next week. We'll talk about the good news and the bad ones later.

After Felicità regain all her memories, Nova and Libertà take her out on a mini vacation, a cruise ship. However, their little vacation gets ruined when Felicità falls over board. Later, everyone is preparing for the long awaited tournament, Arcana Duello.


Beware of spoilers!


  • For you Libertà and Nova fans, you'll like this episode a lot because the two gain some closure with their pasts.
  • By now, most of the Arcana Members have given us a demonstration of their Arcana Powers. The only few who hasn't shown us is Luca, Debito, and Elmo.


  • Not much happened
    Not much happened
    For fans of other male interests, you'll hate this episode a lot. Looking back at the series, Nova and Libertà had the most attention given to them even though this is a reverse harem. Debito, Pace, and Luca had some flashbacks and background info, but it wasn't enough due to how short this series is.
  • Last Minute Tournament: The anime had given most of us the false impression of cool battles. I was expecting a full blown tournament. Instead, we got filler-like episodes where they given us info about the characters. It's good for the visual novel games but not for the anime.

Overall, this episode just felt like another filler since we already know Liberta and Nova's pasts. Heck, not much happened in this episode. Finally, we get the Arcana Duello, but it's hosted in the last episode. I read reviews on the video game version, and the basic plot is the main female lead spends time knowing/ pursuing a character, and it ends with a tournament. That format doesn't adapt well for the anime. It was more of a Slice of Life show than action show.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. Please support the franchise by watching it legally. Crunchyroll is a good website hosting the show. Also, please support the wiki pages.

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Are they fighting yet? If so, is the animation good during the combat?

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Unfortunately, we get some the Arcana Duello in the last episode which is next week.

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