La Ruota della Fortuna

La Ruota della Fortuna is an anime episode of La storia della Arcana Famiglia that was released on 08/26/2012

Plot Summary

The maids notice that Felicita's mind is somewhere else. Nova and Liberta arrive to inform Felicita about an urgent matter. They enter Papa's bedroom to find Sumire sitting at Papa's side as Papa sleeps. Luca tells the group to be quiet, and Dante states that Mondo is sleeping due to excess work. Sumire reassures everyone that Mondo is fine, and everyone leaves except Felicita, Jolly, and Dante. Though, Felicita leaves afterwards, and Sumire pinches her husband's butt for fake sleeping. Dante asks Mondo about pressing matters. Dante notes that he and Jolly cannot reach an agreement, and Jolly points to Felicita who has questions. In Jolly's study, Elmo greets Jolly, Dante, and Felicita. Jolly explains that Elmo has the 16th card, La Torre: The Tower. He tells Elmo to go play outside, and Elmo bids Felicita farewell. Before Jolly can say the reason why Elmo is born, Dante interrupts. Felicita cues Dante that she wants to know, and Jolly states that he has created a homunculus to establish a contract with Tarocco. Dante explains that Mondo has created a contract with his card that unifies all of the Tarocco cards long ago. There are 0-22 cards that exist, and the cards without a host survives by receiving energy from Mondo. Dante states that Mondo will soon fall into a coma and death afterwards. Jolly explains that they can lighten the workload by finding hosts for remaining cards. He states that the homunculus he created could not do the job. Jolly informs Felicita that she can save Papa with the tenth card, La Ruota Della Fortuna: the Wheel of Fortune.

Deep in their conversations, Jolly states his role is to change the relationship of the host and the Tarocco. He informs Felicita that she saved her parents one time with her 10th card. In a flashback, Dante restrains Sumire from using Judgement on Mondo because Mondo's card would make Judgement go berserk. Sumire gets free and uses her Arcana Powers. However, her powers backfire and hits Sumire. Felicita enters the bedroom with an Arcana Powers mark on her back. Her Arcana Powers activate and wakes up Sumire. Jolly holds Felicita who has collapse. Jolly states that it is possible to save Papa, and Felicita wonders why she could not remember that incident 13 years ago. Jolly informs Felicita that Papa hold the Arcana Duello to find an heir to support Felicita when he dies. Back in Mondo's bedroom, Sumire sees Felicita who has learn the answers. Sumire holds her daughter's hand and presses it against Mondo's hand.

In Mondo's past, Mondo defeats a soldier and learns from a young Jolly that the others are dead. As the soldiers hunt to kill every Arcana Famiglia members, Mondo prepares to make a contract with Tarocco. He swears loyalty to his card to protect those dear to him. With Jolly behind him, Mondo uses his Arcana Powers. Felicita wakes up and cries that she wants to save her father. The two cries, and Felicita tells her mother that she can use her Wheel of Fortune powers to save her father. Sumire is bit shock that Dante and Jolly explain the truth to her daughter, and she asks her daughter to train her powers enough that she can use it freely. She tells her to focus on her Lovers powers and not to mention her Wheel of Fortune powers. During Nova and Liberta's sword fight, Felicita uses her powers to read Nova and Liberta's heart and their desires to help Felicita. In the bedroom, Sumire notes that Mondo and Felicita are alike in how they care about others. Back in Jolly's studies, Dante asks Jolly why he didn't tell Felicita about the flaws of Wheel of Fortune. Felicita loses her memories if she uses Wheel of Fortune.

Points of Interest

  • Felicita has two cards for her Arcana Powers.
  • Mondo is strained by providing energy to the Arcana Cards who have no hosts.

Arcana Powers

  • Elmo - 16th card - La Torre: the Tower
  • Felicita - 10th card - La Ruota Della Fortuna: the Wheel of Fortune

Moves Used

  • Culla Protezione! - Sumire uses her Arcana Powers to wake up Mondo.
  • Giurati Finalizzare - Mondo uses this unknown power.


  • English Translation of Episode: The Wheel of Fortune
  • Opening Theme: "Magenta Another Sky" by Hitomi Harada
  • Ending Theme: "Pieces of Treasure" by Jun Fukuyama & Tsubasa Yonaga

Characters & Voice Actors

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Chiaki Kon Director She's the director of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia.
Chiyomi Sara Original Concept She's the original character designer of Arcana Famiglia, so she counts as Original Concept.


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