La notte del compleanno

La notte del compleanno is an anime episode of La storia della Arcana Famiglia that was released on 07/01/2012

The Arcana Famigila protects Regalo Island with powers granted to them the Tarocco. At birthday party for the head of the family, “Papa” Mondo, he tells them he is thinking about retirement and the Arcana Duello will begin.
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Plot Summary

Debito teases Nova about him having a leg fetish
Debito teases Nova about him having a leg fetish

Nova confronts some men who have been smuggling goods. Libertà goes out to check it as he leaves the boat and Dante. Libertà arrives to assist Nova who refuses his help, and then, a car swerves with two of the men hitching a ride. Libertà and Nova head off in the back roads, and one man prepares to eat lasanga. Elsewhere, Luca informs Felicità about the party. Felicità, Nova, and the gang see Libertà jump on the car. Debito shoots the car to help his comrade, and Dante destroys the car with his bazooka. Pace catches Libertà; Luca confronts one gentlemen who charges at Felicità. Before Felicità can attack, Nova defeats the man by shredding his clothes with his katana. Over at the Arcana Famiglia manor, the maids and Luca are shocked that Felicità is wearing a short skirt to her papa's birthday party. The maids scold Luca for not doing a good job, and Luca says he wanted her to dress nice. Debito thinks Nova has a leg fetish. Felicità's strange ability activates as she reads the hearts of Nova and Libertà who see her wearing a Yukata and undergarments respectively. She kicks Libertà for his lewd thoughts, and Jolly explains about Felicità's Arcana powers. Luca grabs Jolly before he sneaks a kiss from Felicità, and he yells at Libertà for thinking lewd thoughts. When Luca thinks some dirty thoughts, Libertà kicks him.

Mondo: Come at me!
Mondo: Come at me!

Now, the event starts with Dante introducing Papa. As the crowd hears Papa's words, Papa announces that he is thinking about retirement. He tells them that he will hold Arcana Duello in two months to determine who has the strongest Arcana powers. He also informs them that the winner will marry his daughter, Felicita. The others are confuse except Debito. Felicità steps up and protests against her father's will. She throws a knife at her father, and Mondo asks his daughter to fight him. He easily blocks Felicità's kicks, and when Felicita wants to choose her own path, Mondo grabs and throws her down. Libertà yells at Mondo for robbing his daughter of her freedom. Mondo asks Libertà to take him on, and Nova blocks Libertà from attacking Mondo. Before Nova and Libertà fight, Debito and Pace intervenes. With Debito and Pace's cards explain, Libertà activates his Arcana powers by accident. Sumire, Felicità's mother, reassures her daughter that she will find her way.

Later, Debitio and Pace comment about how they are okay with marrying Felicità. When Luca states he will cheer on Felicità, Debito tells him that everyone with Arcana powers will participate. In front of the fountain, Libertà cheers up Felicità that he give her freedom. Nova calls Libertà oblivious, and he notes how Libertà cannot use his Arcana powers. Nova tells Felicità that he will not marry her, and Libertà is happy that if either of them win, Felicità will be free. Nova remarks that Libertà has a slim chance of winning.

Points of Interest

  • This series is set in Regalo Island.
  • Felicità's owl is called Fukulota.
  • Papa's 59th birthday is today.
  • Debito's pet name for Felicita is Bambina.
  • Libertà insults Nova with chickpea.
  • Papa is a general name for the boss of the Mafia while his wife is called Mama.

Weapons and Arcana Powers

Jolly states that emotions are foundations for Arcana powers.

  • Felicità - Knives. She has the 6th card, Gli Amanti: the Lovers which allows her to see people's hearts.
  • Libertà - Cutlass and he has first card, Il Matto: the Fool
  • Nova - Katana and he has the 13th card, La Morte: Death
  • Luca - Knives
  • Debito - Two Handguns. His card is 9th, L'eremita: the Hermit which allows him to invisible.
  • Dante - Bazooka
  • Mondo - Unknown and he has 21st card, Il Mondo: The World.
  • Pace - Brass Knuckles. His card is the 11th, La Forza: Strength.


  • English Name: The Birthday Night
  • Opening Theme: N/A
  • Ending Theme: "Pieces of Treasure" by Jun Fukuyama & Tsubasa Yonaga

Characters & Voice Actors

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Chiaki Kon Director She's the director of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia.
Chiyomi Sara Original Concept She's the original character designer of Arcana Famiglia, so she counts as Original Concept.


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