La Blue Girl

La Blue Girl is an anime movie in the La Blue Girl Franchise
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Not unlike Devil Hunter Yohko, high school girl Miko Mido and her sister are the heirs to the secrets of an ancient ninja clan. When they become embroiled in an interdimensional war with rapacious demons, they reveal their secret powers-they are sex-ninja who cast spells with the power of orgasm and, hence, cannot get enough of their enemies' lusty attentions. Based on an idea by Urotsukidoji-creator Toshio Maeda, LBG continues his obsession with hormonal chaos, as demons kidnap the high school volleyball team, and Miko can only rescue them (from sexual degradation, naturally) by submitting to the wanton desires of her demonic enemies. The series was also released in compiled feature-length editions and an Ecstasy collection that included only the sex scenes.

After the first four episodes in Japan, the series was followed by Shin ("True") Inju Gakuen La Blue Girl, comprising a 45-minute part one, and a " part two" comprising two 30-minute episodes (there always being more money to be made in splitting a show in half and bulking it out with synopses of the story so far!). We believe these three videos to comprise "episodes five and six" of the American release.

The franchise was rebranded as La Blue Girl EX (1996, released in the U.S. as Lady Blue) for a further four episodes, taking Miko off to college, where her crush on a fellow classmate turns out to be part of a conspiracy, as her jilted immortal aunt seeks to bring her ancient lover back from the dead, predictably by raping Miko. Notorious in the U.K. market for being refused a release point-blank by the British censor, LBG also caused some controversy in the U.S., where the Japanese censorship dots were removed prior to release, revealing half-drawn genitals which the animators never intended to be seen, giving the impression that some of the participants were underage. The franchise was also made as three live-action films, starting with Sex Beast on Campus (1994), directed by Kaname Kobayashi, and continuing with SBoC: Birth of the Daughter with Dark Spirit (1995) and SBoC: Female Ninja Hunting (1996), both directed by Kaoru Kuramoto. Compare to Angel of Darkness. A further series, the four part La Blue Girl Returns (2001, Inju Gakuen La Blue Girl Fukkatsu-hen; Lust Beast Academy La Blue Girl: Revival Chapter) featured the Shikima realm invaded by a race of butterfly demons, resisted in a predictable manner by the denizens, although the art style was remarkably different from earlier incarnations, with more of a cutesy, pastel look. LNV

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Name: La Blue Girl
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1992
Romaji: Inju Gakuen La Blue Girl
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 45 (mins)
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Aliases Lust-Beast Academy La Blue Girl
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