L: Change the World

L: Change the World is an anime movie in the Death Note Franchise
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Change the World is a spin off to Death Note: The Last Name. It revolves around L as he tries to stop a terrorist group in the 28 days he has before dying.

Being an anime cultural craze, the Death Note franchise produced a live action movie, Death Note: The Last Name. It become a box-office hit amongst fans and spawned a spin-off, L Changed the World. This movie consides with the 28 days, L has written in the Death Note to defeat Yagami Light, once and for all. Furthermore, a new case revolving around a mathematical genius(whom soon is nicknamed, "Near") and Maki whom is hunted by a newly formed group, led by K. As this terrorist group is concocting a deadly virus to destroy everyone, and L and the two accomplices must find an antidote to repel it within the 28 days, L has.

Closing in the final days of Yagami Light, L made necessarily arrangements for Light's defeat and has been in contacted with his other contacts. After writing in the notebook and defeating Light in all his madness, L was contacted by F, an agent whom sent a mathematical genius, after the destruction of his home village by terrorists whom spread a virus amongst them. Evacuating the premises, F has overcomed with the virus sending the genius to find L.

Enter Maki, who is gifted by her father's talents whom soon discovered that K, and formed terrorist group is developing a deadly virus to spread across the globe. Her father soon destroyed all the evidence, attempting to stop the terrorists from reaching the only source preventing this deadly virus. Maki soon discovered L, as she, L and the mathematical genius depart, Sugura, a FBI agent in the Death Note case assist them on helping to find an antidote. Realizing that the terrorists, led by K is hunting Maki down, and also L's life is ticking away everyday towards this case.

They soon arrived to a doctor who specializated in concocting an antidote, realizing that it will take time to creating one. The terrorists soon found their location and kidnapped both Maki and "Near" as L then discovered that the terrorists, hijacked a plane so that they could use Maki as their instrument of doom. Within the closing days of L, rescued them and purged the deadly virus with the antidote whom was spread amongst the passengers and crew members in the hijacked plane. Realizing that his life is finished, L nicknamed the mathematical genius, "Near" and left him in a daycare.

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Name: L: Change the World
Release Date:
Name: Lの本当の秘密
Release Date: Feb. 9, 2008
Rating: None
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