Kyoya's Unwanted Day Off

Kyoya's Unwanted Day Off is an anime episode of Ouran High School Host Club that was released on 07/25/2006
The Host Club wakes Kyouya up early in the morning-- always a dangerous affair --to drag him to a commoner's mall to check it out. Once there, Tamaki immediately "loses" Kyouya, who was sleeping and being dragged around. When he wakes up he finds himself without his cell phone or wallet, and completely starving.

Lucky for Kyouya, he bumps into none other than Haruhi, who buys him some fast food. The two discuss Kyouya's philosophy-- that he won't do anything unless there's benefit for him in it --and Haruhi wonders if Kyouya really is this way. Later, Kyouya outs a man who was trying to sell an expensive vase to a woman by pretending it was made by a famous artisan, when it's truly a fake. Haruhi asks why he did it, and Kyouya claims that he recognized the woman's ring and that she's from a family that does business with his own.

But Haruhi realizes that there was no way he could have seen the ring from where he was.

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