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Hello everyone, it's a Friday. For me, it's another day of work after working at the family business this whole spring break. This week, I was working on the Spring Anime 2014 Trailers Guide and the Anime Vice's Top 20 Manga Series of 2013. It's time to take a little detour and revive this embarrassing project, take some stress off.

You guys and gals can call me weird or perverted. I don't mind. We all have fetishes deep inside.

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Why are we covering sibling love, incest or non incest (for non blood related characters)? This winter season of 2014 was pretty awkward. We had two dirty shows that focuses on the forbidden love to little sisters while we had one show dedicated to little brothers. The summaries are from Crunchyroll.

Fetish Friday: Little Sisters

1. Oreimo
Technically, this show wasn't aired during the winter season, but it was the first show I saw that pulled me into this world. Who got me into the show? It's my good friends, Daniel Newton and Kurt. I can't omit this show because of its infamous ending that drove many fans who love the show to hell.
2. Pupa
Plot: Growing up with an abusive father, Utsutsu is highly protective of his younger sister Yume. One day, Yume sees a red butterfly and contracts the strange Pupa virus. She begins to sprout grotesque wings and to indiscriminately attack both animals and humans. Hoping to find a way to stop the advance of the virus, Utsutsu seeks out Maria, a researcher who knows the secret of Pupa. He decides to sacrifice his own body as live bait for the sake of saving Yume.
3. Recently, My Sister is Unusual
Plot: Yuya and Mitsuki have recently become brother and sister because of their parents remarrying. Mitsuki is having a hard time opening up to her new family, but their parents leave for a foreign country right after getting married before that can get any better. As Mitsuki is troubled by her new life living alone with Yuya, a amnesiac ghost girl, Hiyori, appears before her, and she is forced to help her pass on to the next world...

Fetish Fridays: Little Brothers

1. Oneechan ga Kita
Plot: Tomoya’s father remarries to another woman, giving him a stepsister, Ichika. However Ichika is 17-years old and has completely fallen in love with her stepbrother who is only 13!! Families will collide in the most unusual fashion this season, in the new anime short: ONEE-CHAN GA KITA!

Let's go over the differences between how little sisters love are portrayed in Pupa and Recently My Sister Unusual and how are little brothers love portrayed.

Little Sisters

In Pupa and Recently, My Sister is Unusual, it gave off a more sexual vibe. Both shows had some controversial fan service with their scenes. Pupa is all about the little sister eating her brother's flesh. The brother gives his consent. In that one episode, he was on the bed while she was on top. She biting him and saying Onii-chan for the entire episode. The brother was in great pain as he gritted his teeth and bite down the pain. Yeah, it was a terrible series, but damn, I couldn't hold back laughing.

For My Sister is Unusual, it was about the step brother trying to rebuild his family to get back the connection. Yuya's mother died, so his father remarried. He wanted to be a good brother, but Mitsuki who is forced to wear a chastity belt due to Hiyori, a perverted ghost obsessed over Yuya. This drives the wedge between Yuya and Mitsuki. Yuya wants to get closer to Mitsuki while Mitsuki tries to get away from him. It's a like a tug of war.

(I lost my train of thought. Trying to remember the crazy theories that were formed back then. I forgot what I said to my pals in this community)

With these two shows, the little sister fetish comes from the virtues of her being innocent and pure. She needs protection and guidance. With Oreimo, Kyousuke helps Kirino find friends that love her despite her love for eroge. He is willing to sacrifice his image and make himself as a scapegoat in the first season when their father found out Kirino's unhealthy collection. In Pupa, Utsutsu is willing to let his sister treat him as a food source. I remember in No-Rin that one character said it was a form of paternal love. Have to check No-rin again.

Also, others argue it comes from the whole forbidden love thing.

Little Brothers

I only have one example. I can't really based a pattern on this. From my impressions, the show was light hearted comedy. You had three sisters with brothers. All with their own unique relationships. Ichika's love with her step brother was endearing and not so creepy. For the light blue hair siblings, the younger brother hates his older sister. They have a rough relationship. Ichika reminds me of Hiyori from My Sister is Unusual. Both women are quick to jealously when their love interest interacts with another girl.

Let's end this blog. I'm distracting myself from my teammates' project for the spring guide.

In the end, the sibling love is more seen in anime and not much in the states. In the states, (from a non native American citizen) cousin love is more common than sibling love. I could be wrong since I don't watch a lot of TV or movies. It depends on the culture. For my home country, cousin love is seen as okay while in the states, it's looked down.

Hope you enjoy this blog. I know it's crazy. Had to get it out of there.

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Best ending ever..... i guess
Best ending ever..... i guess

As i write this blog about Oreimo's ending i'm pretty sure by now that you know what the ending is already. Hey my fellow vicers ! ARD here to give you my thoughts on the ending of Oreimo 2 and how it affected fans by it's dramatic conclusion.

Oreimo 2 had 13 episodes that aired from April 7 to June 30, 2013. Knowing that the first season had OVA's for the true ending i knew that the 13th episode was not the end of it. Having heard that the next OVA were in August, i decided to wait for it's release. Then finally, the 3 episodes were shown during OTAKON 2013 on August 9, 2013 the having release worldwide on August 18. Me not knowing this, I was lucky to watch it when a friend of mine told me that there are 3 episode added. So i rapidly went home and watched this series come to an end. And boy was i surprised about the ending.

My thoughts and opinions about the ending

To tell you the truth, Regardless about all of your opinions about how it ended. I just want to say that you guys have it the wrong way. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai is actually a masterpiece.

The show is a great example of a true love story is. With little sister's as a trend to Japanese culture to being moe, I see it in the show as symbol of destiny or fate in the show. The show itself is very ironic and also the title of the first season's opening called Irony by "ClariS". At the start of the series, Kyousuke defended Kirino's crazy obsession of eroge from people who think that it is weird for a girl to like Imouto themed eroge that will make her believe that incest is good. This in turn has made actually Kyousuke have a strong bond and closer with Kirino which was her goal from the start. Having a strong relationship. And after playing the eroge that Kirino made him play he actually wanted to do the bird's and the bee's with her.

But Kyousuke couldn't do it because in reality, it's actually disgusting and Hentai logic does not exist. Kirino and Kyousuke are just two roads that would just intersect and cannot come back to where they intersected. He gave up and turned down Ayase, Saori, Kuroneko, Kanako and, his chilhood bestfriend Manami (yes i understand that people are raging because there Ayase, Saori, Kuroneko, Kanako and, Manami X Kyousuke pairings are rejected because of him. ) just to announce to the public that he loves his little sister more than anything. But knowing how society will see it, It's nothing more than a guy's delusion of having his little sister as a lover as a True Route ending that he wants to clear that cannot happen in real life. Just having a fake wedding was just the only option they had since getting married for real is not possible for them to happen.

How did even end this way? They could have just said "let's not continue this anymore" and stop this incestous relationship right away (most likely during the start of the second season). But having much thought about it, there is no other alternative ending to end it. It's already said in the title, It's was already planned to end like that since the very beginning of the story. Even if his childhood bestfriend Manami was there too stop them, it was already to late to begin with.

Oreimo is not a Comedy, Harem and, Romance anime. It's actually falls into one theme that we never even saw coming. Romance-Tragedy. Yes! A Tragedy where all happy endings are just delusions in front of the audience eyes to see, but in reality they all getting scraped away because of the decisions of Kyousuke like Oedipus (sorta just like him).

I think there will never be an anime that could have a deep message like Oreimo and when that time comes, I hope you're prepared to make sacrifices that will make a good story for fans to understand.

just saying
just saying

For those who want to see the marriage seen between the two here's the vid below. What about you guys? Do you think that the ending was satisfying or should make another alternative true ending? leave down a comment and thanks for reading. ARD out!

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Hey guys,  
Sorry I've not being writing much here on the blog. After watching Chaos; Head I went on holiday then came back and started the new of school and well I've not really had much time for anime between Halo Reach and homework = P The little I have been watching however seems to be stuff I've already watched. Like Ghost in the Shell, Gurren Lagann and Evangelion. Not that this is a bad thing but I haven't been watching anything new (well new to me at any rate).  
I've just started  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai which so far (only two episodes have been aired as of now) and I'm really enjoying it. It's quite nice to watch a more 'down to earth' anime. The characters make me smile and I think Kyosuke and Kirino play well of each other and while showing the typical 'older brother and younger sister' relationship (basically getting at each others throats all the time) its also rather endearing and fun to watch. Then there's the Okatu side of things which I find interesting as myself have never been to Japan its a nice insight on how they are viewed in Japan. Then again I find it rather ironic as its audience is probably mainly Okatu's anyways, but really thats all part of the fun.    

For you guys who haven't seen it yet. Basically, Kyousuke hasn't ever really bonded with his little sister Kirino who is basically uber popular, smart and well loved by all. She treats him with little respect until one day Kyousuke stumbles across a dating game hidden inside a magical girl anime. He quickly works out it belongs to Kirino and discovers her extensive moe anime collection.     

Anyways off to play more Minecraft and eat Dorito's! 
Till next time! 
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