Kyosuke Nanbu

Kyosuke Nanbu is a anime/manga character in the Super Robot Wars franchise
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A character in the Super Robot Wars franchise. He pilots the Alteisen, a prototype mecha.

"I won't lose on rushing in!"

- Kyosuke Nanbu

Kyosuke Nanbu is one of the major protagonist in the Super Robot Wars series belonging and leader to the special Earth Federation Unit Team ATX. His personality is on the stoic side he does not let personal feelings get in the way of his decisions though at times makes the craziest gamble betting everything on a gambit including his life. Though calm and uncaring, his berserk button is his love ones and is stated that he is a man you do not want to cross with.

In his early days in the military as a cadet, he was involved in a major air accident witch only two escaped, he got out of that situation with a few minor injuries. After that, he was called the man with a Devil's Luck. Due to his skill as a pilot he became a test pilot for the military's latest models of Personal Troopers. If one thinks that it is a lucrative occupation then you are wrong. During this times, the race for the next generation military weapon is at its heights so things like safety is thrown out the window, one can also factor in sabotage as billions or trillions of funds are concerned.

His first appearance is the time when he was piloting an experimental flying variable PT called Wildraubiter. The base commander does not want the test to succeed and ordered Kyosuke to go beyond the operational limit causing it the PT to crash. Due to his so called Devil's Luck, he survived while only suffering minor injuries.

After Kyosuke recovered from his injuries, he was recruited by an elite team which purpose is unknown to him, the name of the Team is ATX. Excellen Browning was the one charge to get him, after he arrived in the ATX Team home base, he was introduced to Major Sanger Zonvolt, a former Aggressor and current leader of Team ATX.

As soon as he arrived, Kyosuke was made to participate in a mock battle using live ammunitions. He piloted a Gespenst MK II M and finished the exercise. After a few months of training, Major Sanger was impressed by his skills. His skills was also noticed by ATX lead scientist, Dr. Marion Radom. She said that the mass produced Gespenst is not enough to fully realize Kyosuke’s ability.

Units Piloted

PTX-006 Wildraubtier

The unit crashed during a test run, although the wreckage suggested that no man survive such encounter, Kyosuke miraculously survived with minor injuries, such feat is attributed to his so called Devil's Luck.

RPT-007 Gespenst MK II M

After the "Test Run" incident, Kyosuke was tested if he has the aptitude to join an elite experimental unit, He was made to pilot the mass produced Gespenst MK II model to see how will he do in a mock battles using live ammunition. The result qualify him to use the Alteisen.


Kyosuke Nanbu's personal PT, he used the Alt all through the first season and until it was destroyed by Axel Almer piloting a Command Unit Ash Saver.


The successor of the Alteisen, a super robot in its own right, Kyosuke uses this Personal Trooper to muscle his way until the end of the second season.

ALTEISEN NACHT (Alternate Universe)

The alternate dimension Kyosuke "Beowulf" Nanbu's Personal Trooper.

Voiced by
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Toshiyuki Morikawa
General Information Edit
Name: Kyosuke Nanbu
Name: 南部響介
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Super Robot Wars Original Generation - The Animation #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Beowulf
Assault 4
Assault 1
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