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After you watch CHOJIN SENTAI JETMAN intro above and get into the mood, go on and listen to the epic Super Sentai chat below...!

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Yay, Super Sentai

I laugh at the producer part

I recently started watching super sentai, about five months ago. My first sentai (technically) was Akibaranger and then I watch Gokaiger (love GokaiSliver) and then Dekaranger. I really enjoy super sentai now, it really remember of shonen

Here a video with all the Sentai up to now

But, Power Rangers will always have a place in my heart, even though it didn't age that well

Dekaranger is so awesome, loving Dekamaster

Hope you guys do more Vice Pit Undercover about Super sentai in the future

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PR or SS will always be the Sh!t!

Unfortunately for PR the formula has changed a tad too much, it should go back to passing down the power and stuff.

SS though has gotten even crazier than before and i love it! XD

Post by zaldar (1,340 posts) See mini bio Level 15 far not my favorite part of Japanese pop culture..never understood the attraction. Oh well...

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Online Now

I haven't watch Sentai series, but I was a fan of Power Rangers starting out with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. When I recalled with my classmates back in high school, they were commenting how racist the first Power Ranger show was. I was laughing how the black ranger was black while the yellow ranger was Asian. I never realized that, but I thought it was just a coincidence.

I stopped watching power rangers after Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder.

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This has been over shadowed by my ever growing s.h.figuarts collection
This has been over shadowed by my ever growing s.h.figuarts collection

I am probably the biggest Sentai fan on this site, for toku as well,I grew up on MMPR which I was watching since I was like 3/4. My first real contact however was Bioman on a French VHS tap I got from a family member who got it from belgium. When I searched mmpr on the net when I was at school I knew of Sentai as a franchise before the millenium started

And when I got ineternet myself in the early 2000's I started watching toku both RAW and sadly with those horrid ugly urine yellow HK subs. Around this time I Also found out about France Five which I recently got the dvd set of around that time. I really started watching toku subbed with Gaoranger and later Huricanger. Around 2005 I became a regular of Tv-Nihon who I have now dumped because I am frankly sick of their pretentious egotism towards the other subbers in the grand community of the toku fandom. I watch the raw live, first via keyholetv which started to suck and now a chinese streaming site which works way better. for subs I go to Over time. For old toku there's a huge number of subs to go to. Grownups in spandex. who Subbed Jetman and other, Kit subs for classic Kamen rider, Midnight crew subs, Hikari senshi, doremii fansubs for armor hero. Hi no tori fansubs, haro rangers and allot more!

When this site started I laid the basis for THE WHOLE franchise of both Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Which was allot of work. My Devilly account is still in the 10 ten because of tnat lol and Yeah I blog, allot. check my blog for all my toku toys, and how much I sucked that that Sport Ranger blog. Which I now can make a sequel for since France five has now been finished :3 I have a few on my profile here but most of them are on my blog:

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My appologies for the typo's I type faster then my galaxy tab can show on this site, and its really to slow to bother with grammer corrections :3

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