Kyohei Kadota

Kyohei Kadota is a anime/manga character in the Durarara!! franchise
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A friend of Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa. He is a member of the gang Dollars.


 Kadota and his friends admire his work
 Kadota and his friends admire his work
Kyohei Kadota is a relatively well-adjusted person compared to the rest of the cast. He says that the only reason he joined the Dollars was that one day he got a text message through his cell phone asking if he wanted to join. On an impulse, he decided to accept the text message, getting a link to a website and a password that opened up the "official" Dollars message board. He also likes that the only real rule of the gang is that if someone asks if you are a member of the Dollars, you have to say yes. Kadota is shown to have a job in construction as he works in interior design. He is usually seen hanging out with Walker Yumasaki, Saburo Togusa, and Erika Karisawa in their van. 
It is also shown that Kadota and his friends were members of the Blue Squares until their leader Izumii was arrested for aggravated assault.  


Kyohei Kadota was created by Ryohgo Narita for the light novel series Durarara!! His name refers to the light novelist Kadono Kohei. He made his first appearance in Volume 1, Chapter 1 in both the light novel and the manga. He appears in episode one of the anime. His anime counterpart was created by Takahiro Omori. He is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura in the Japanese version and Steve Blum in the English version.   

Character Evolution

Kadota does not change too much over the course of the series. He is usually seen being more reserved than his friends and tends to be more level headed than others. People usually turn to Kadota for help with various problems and guidance since he is more mature than the friends he hangs out with. Despite being in multiple gangs, Kadota has a firm code of ethics and left the Blue Sqaures for the Dollars for that reason. He is also shown to do whatever it takes to help a friend in need no matter what the circumstance. Even though he is uptight and serious, he has a lighter side that Walker and Erika try to bring it out with their antics. The one thing people agree on is not to get on his bad side.  

Major Story Arcs

The Dollars

 Kadota and his gang welcome Mikado to Ikebukuro
 Kadota and his gang welcome Mikado to Ikebukuro
When Mikado Ryugamine is being taken around Ikebukuro by Masaomi Kida, Kadota and his group are one of the first they meet with and welcome the newcomer to their town. Even though they are in the middle of stealing a window display from a store, they still show him the ropes of the city while taking care of business. The group meets with them a few times but Kadota steps in when Mikado begins to ask about the Dollars. He warns Mikado not to get involved with the antics of gangs since he seems to be a normal guy who doesn't need to go looking for trouble.  
Later on, it is shown that Kadota became a member of the Dollars through a mysterious text message and discovered that Erika, Saburo, and Walker were also members. He begins to investigate Yagiri Pharmaceuticals when their friend Kaztano is kidnapped by a group of thugs claiming that they were paid to kidnap foreigners for the company. He witnesses the facility get bombed by a crazy teenager with fireworks as he continues to investigate whatever the firm is up to since news of a merger is in the air. He is also seen at this point trying to cheer up Shizuo Heiwajima who had been having a bad week but stayed away for fear of his life.  
As the investigation of Yagiri continues, Saburo chases a van that dented his car only to nearly hit Mika Harima who was escaping from Namie Yagiri. They console her as they get a message from the leader of the Dollars about a girl matching Mika's description. Kadota reports in that they found the girl as he goes to the meeting of the Dollars in Ikebukuro. He brings Mika to Celty, who believed that Mika had her head. It turns out the be false as the truth behind Celty is leaked and life goes back to normal for everyone.  

The Slasher

After the massive meeting of the Dollars, reports of attacks begin to emerge from the city from an assailant known as the Slasher. Mikado sends out a mass message to the Dollars asking for anyone for information on the Slasher. Kadota and his group try to figure out what is going on as they witness Shuji Niekawa attempt to kill Anri Sonohara with a blade. Believing him to be the Slasher, they hit him with their van and try to save Anri, but Niekawa gets back up. Shizuo and Celty arrive soon after and use the door of the van to subdue him. Shizuo promises to pay for the repairs as Walker ends up fixing the van.  

Gang Warfare

With the Slasher attacks over, the Yellow Scarves attempt to regain control of the city to combat the Dollars and the Slasher. It is also at this time that Masaomi retakes his position as the leader. Kadota decides to stay out of it as it is shown that he and his group were Blue Sqaures, rivals of the Yellow Scarves. When it was announced that their leader, Izumii, kidnapped Masaomi's girlfriend Saki Mikajima and were planning on killing the two, Kadota leads the plan to save Saki. He knows that Masaomi froze up in saving Saki and kept the secret from her, saying he should take care of it.  
 Kadota spends time with his friends as he tries to remember who Horada is
 Kadota spends time with his friends as he tries to remember who Horada is
Masaomi frequently asks Kadota if he knows who the leader of the Dollars is, to which he is reluctant to leak information. He instead points him to Izaya Orihara who can fill him in. While their group try to stay out of it, someone mentions how the attacks on the Dollars have been lead by Horada, which Kadota tries to remember why that name is familiar. With Saburo's help, he remembers that Horada was Izumii's right hand man in the Blue Squares and is trying to take over the Scarves since the he recalls that defeated Squares were allowed to join the Scarves if they dropped their flags. 
He organizes a massive amount of the Dollars to infiltrate the Scarves' base and defend Masaomi just before Horada can kill anyone. With the help of Celty and Shizuo, he and Saburo are able to split up the Scarves and take down Horada once and for all. When Masaomi and Saki leave Ikebukuro, life goes back to normal once more with his group. 
Voiced by
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Yūichi Nakamura
Steve Blum
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Name: Kyohei Kadota
Name: 門田 京平
Romanji: Kyohei Kadota
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Durarara!! #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Dotachin
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