Kurumi Imari

Kurumi Imari is a anime/manga character in the Bible Black franchise
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One of the lead female of the Bible Black Series, she is currently an Investigator for the Tokken Organization.

Major Story Arcs

Episode 1, in which she attempts to eat lunch with Minase, but Minase manages to flee from her in order to meet up with Shiraki. Later on, Imari seems to sense that not all is right due to Minase's lengthy absence after school in which she is waiting for Minase at home. She also seems to be completely upset, which is a hint of her romantic feelings for Minase

Episode 2 , Imari recieves a phone call from Yukiko (Minase's older sister) in which she tells Imari that she will be home late and therefore to make food for Minase. As the light in Minase's bedroom is turned on, Imari is happy about this and goes outside to get ingredients in order to make food for Minase. Unfortunately, after a lengthy scene of Minase having sex with Shiraki, Imari steps into Minase's room at the wrong moment, only to witness her best friend ejaculating on Shiraki's face. After this scene, Imari is not seen until Minase joins Reika Kitami's side, in which she is extremely upset about what she witnessed and refuses Minase's calls to get her to see him in the night.

Episode 3 , Imari is shocked by the recent events that have happened around her and is more upset when Minase starts to ignore her completely, and tells him that he has changed completely. Minase only warns her not to come to the Art Club on that day, since Minase knows that Takashiro has been converted into Kitami's side and will be having sex with all her students under Kitami's orders. As she steps into the scene after a few moments against Minase's wishes, she is devastated at the sight of Takashiro and Shiraki being surrounded by several men. As she begs Minase to come to her senses, she is ignored once again by him while Kaori Saeki attempts to get her to join Kitami's coven, telling her that it will be lots of fun'. After refusing, she is betrayed by Minase who doesn't seem to be himself after Imari faints due to her confusion and exhaustion in the Art Room. Worse comes as she wakes up in Saeki's apartment, noticing that she has no clothes on and asks Kitami if she is experiencing a dream. As Kitami questions Minase and eventually goes against him out of suspicions that he may be plotting against her, Minase finally snaps back to his normal self and regrets what he has done and wishes to save her. Unfortunately for him, he is forced to witness Imari being fed aphrodisiac while Kitami embarasses her, such as asking her how many times she masturbates. Imari is completely terrified and the episodes ends as she screams for Minase to save her.

Episode 4, Imari plays a major role in which Kitami forces her to have sex with Minase, while she confesses her true feelings of love to Minase. Kitami then decides to insult her even more, claIming that she will 'take her Imari then proceeds to whimper in fear while Kitami laughs maniacally. However, Minase has fainted and when he comes to his senses, he sees Imari having sex with male coven members, with Kitami informing him that Imari has had sex with five people already. Minase becomes enraged as he sees this but he is only able to watch in horror as Kitami also has sex with Imari, with Minase being pleasured by Saeki against his will. As Kitami orgasms, Minase swears that he will save Imari. Kitami laughs at this as she tells him How could you think you could possibly save her?' Kitami then proceeds to intimidate Minase, stating that she will kill him if he gets in her way. After Minase is kicked out of the apartment, Imari is completely asleep as is starts to become morning, with Kitami eying her and saying that the ritual will take place on that day.

Episode 5, Imari is on the altar, having been moved to the school's basement. For the ritual to progress, several men ejaculate on her and as the ritual goes on, she eventually wakes up and struggles to get out of the place. Kitami interrupts Imari and drags her onto the floor, on top of a pentagram. Imari becomes even more scared as Kitami's blood falls in a pool near her head, while she begs for her life. Fortunately, Minase has come to save her and she seems to be relieved by this. Only when Kitami tells Minase that Yukiko and Shiraki will be killed if he messes around for toolong does Imari start to become nervous again. Nevertheless, Minase starts to chant the spell that will defeat Kitami once and for all.

Episode 6, Minase is still busy chanting the spell. Kitami is not worried about this as she proceeds to penetrate Imari's vagina. Due to this, Imari has a flashback of Kitami being raped as a young girl in Origins, which causes her to cry. However, Minase eventually saves Imari by using his spell to destroy Kitami, resulting in a weakened Kitamilying in a large pool of her own blood, clearly fearing what Hell holds for her. The next day, Imari and Minase discuss the events that happened on the Night of Walpurgis, stating that the police came to check up on the situation and could only come up with Kitami's cause of death as being suicide. Imari and Minase meet up with each other in Minase's home, where they have sex with each other, showing there true love for each other. However, Imari proceeds to talk about the Black Book and what has happened to it; Minase responds by saying that he put it back in the school basement and that he won't be practicing magic ever again. Imari then oddly says, I don't think I'll be practicing my spell anytime soon. This is a hint that Kitami has taken control of Imari's body, but she can only take control at either certain moments or when she wants to. On the next day, Imari walks into Saeki trying to find where the Black Book has been hidden so that she may claim power for herself due to Kitami's death. After a brief conversation, Imari burns the book without moving a muscle and then proceeds to rape Saeki (Kitami is in control for this scene). Aas the episode ends, the screen goes dark and we hear the sound of a gate slam shut(the gate is the Gate of Orcus) while Imari's voice calls Minase for help. This may mean that Kitami did succeed in her plans to take control of Imari's body, but with Imari being her usual self in New Testament, it may be that Takashiro managed to save Imari and trap Kitami in her body with a magical seal, since Kitami does not take control again until the end of the first episode of New Testament.

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General Information Edit
Name: Kurumi Imari
Name: 伊万里 胡桃
Romanji: Imari Kurumi
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Bible Black #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Reika Kitami
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Attractive Female
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