Kuromado is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Kuromado is a highly skilled chef who is also the Head Chef of the Gourmet Corps, and is one of the few members capable of entering the Gourmet World.


Nothing is known about Kuromado's origins beyond his established position in the Bishokukai.


Kuromado is an antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Kuromado defected from the Bishokukai to NEO, however this was presumably against his will and due to the brainwashing of Joa.


Kuromado is a tall man with pale skin, pointed ears and dark purple lips. He has inverted eyes, the pupils being white and a double crescent-like black mustache. He is always wearing his very tall Chef hat.


Kuromado is fairly intolerant of incompetence and was not pleased with Grinpatch's failure. However he has not been shown to lose his temper as Vice Head Chef Starjun once did, despite the latter normally having a calm demeanor.


Kuromado has no established relationships as of yet. But he gets alongfairly well with his fellow Bishokukai members.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Kuromado's first appearance is at a banquet for the Vice Head Chef's and Branch Chiefs. Grinpatch arrived late to the banquet and Kuromado asks him if he retrieved their captured GT Robo, but Grinpatch had failed due to Mansam and Shigematsu expecting him. Afterwards, Kuromado tells the Branch Chiefs that they need to power uo their Gourmet Cells further if they are to enter the Gourmet World with the rest of the Bishokukai members more senior than themselves.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Kuromado was among the numerous Bishokukai members who assembled to confront President Ichiryuu upon his entering their Headquarters. Although they were all ordered to stand down by their Boss Midora who said the lot of them combined would be no match for Ichiryuu.

Cooking Festival Arc

Kuromado astonishingly confronted three of the Elite 0th Biotope members Love, Rala and Tack in the Gourmet World in a battle between the Bishokukai and the IGO for Acacia's dishes. The result of the battle was not revealed but a short time later, Kuromado is shown to be alive and well but not with the Bishokukai. He was actually a member of NEO led by Joa, presumably being controlled by the latter's taste change ability. He is seen following Joa with the rest of NEO to celebrate their success and that they were to head to the legendary Food Utopia.

Powers & Abilities

Chef Skill - While not directly shown yet, Kuromado presumably is a chef of considerable skill being one of the Head Chefs in the Bishokukai and later being recruited for NEO, an even more powerful organization with top notch Chefs.

Kuromado was one of the Bishokukai Members capable of entering the Gourmet World. His seniority within the Organization supersedes that of Vice Head Chef Starjun, Grinpatch and Tommyrod, indicating his strength is immense. Although Joa stated that Starjun was the truly the second strongest in the organization after Midora. Whether this was including Kuromado or not is not known as Kuromado had already defected from the Bishokukai at that point. His power scheme and Hunting Method are current unknown.

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Name: Kuromado
Name: クロマド
Romanji: Kuromado
Gender: Male
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