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Title: Kurokami

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Action/Sci-Fi

Ratings (of 5)

Story: ♥♥½

Animation: ♥♥♥

Characters: ♥♥½

OP/ED Themes: ♥♥♥



Ibuki's had a rough time of it. First his mom died-- right after seeing someone who looks exactly like her –and then his best friend. Then in one day, another close friend and the little girl who lives next door pass on...all after seeing doppelgangers. Apparently in this world, everyone has not one but two doppelgangers-- three of each person. If two of them meet, they will both die, leaving the third as the Root.

Ibuki meets a girl named Kuro who explains this concept to him, although the way she does she makes it sound like there can only be one root and the demise of the other two has to happen, which is weird, because wouldn't that mean 2/3rds of the world would suffer the fates of Ibuki's mom and friends? Wouldn't it be, y'know, less unusual?

Anyway, Kuro gets Ibuki to buy her some ramen, but gets interrupted by a guy in a hood who beats her with a baseball bat. Being the buoyant type, Kuro jumps back up and kicks his butt; then they both disappear before the cops come...but not before Kuro tells Ibuki that she has to kill her brother.

In other words, thus far we don't know a lot about what's really going on...unless, of course, you've been reading the manga.

I should note at this point that since I don't have imaginAsian TV, I watched the Japanese version of the show, not the English-language dub. The voice acting was decent, but not especially notable. The soundtrack for the show is kind of one point there's this horn music in the background that feels incredibly vague; the whole scene, in fact, is vague. By the end of the episode I felt like it had probably been a melancholy scene, but during the scene itself I wasn't sure-- it could have been just a calm, peaceful scene. I feel like the music should have helped more there. But during Kuro's fight scene there was some really cool music.

Let's see...animation quality is definitely above-average, although I think that Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo's (which is also done by Sunrise) is a bit more fluid. All in all, an interesting sci-fi (or supernatural?) mystery so far; fans of Darker than Black or Witch Hunter Robin who are willing to deal with a younger, more moe feel may enjoy this one.

Post by MoonStorm (360 posts) See mini bio Level 9
Well I like the Manga which goes by a different name "Black God" So I think I'll give it a watch.
Post by Kiriska (112 posts) See mini bio Level 2
I hope I'm not the only one that's utterly unimpressed by this first episode. I mean, they're obviously doing something wrong if I'm laughing my head off at the FAIL BUS at the end instead of feeling sad or whatever. :|
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MoonStorm: For the record, "Black God" is just the literal translation of "Kurokami" (黒神 黒=Black 神=God). :)

Kiriska: I wasn't super-impressed, but I didn't think it was awful. But I didn't have any expectations either direction really.
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I don't have iaTV either (then again who does?), but I found a torrent for the dub of ep 1 & downloaded that instead.  The dub was solid, but I too just wasn't impressed with the story.  Hopefully it'll get better, but I wish a better title had been chosen for this new grand experiment they're conducting.
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Honestly I was really disappointed by the changes they made from the manga including character designs. I thought some of the changes were unneccessary and took away what I liked about it, such as Keita being older than your stereotypical shonen lead. Often I don't mind these changes much but in this case I say don't fix what isn't broken XP
Post by Bertmasta (151 posts) See mini bio Level 6
i have never read this, but i have to say,i did quite enjoy the first episode, still the whole thing is a bit out there :P
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