Kuroha Diana Shiratori

Kuroha Diana Shiratori is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Kuroha Shiratori is the CEO of a modeling agency. She is also the serial killer dubbed Johnny Killer and Selecao Number XI.


Kuroha Shiratori is the CEO and president of her own modeling agency that works at home in Japan and overseas in different countries. Some time before she became a Selecao, she claims that she was wronged by a man; hinting that she was either violated or raped by a man. This led to a bitter hatred for leecherous men as Kuroha eventually came into contact with Saizo Ato, who deemed her fit to be a savior of Japan. She was given a Noblesse phone and the title of Selecao Number XI. With this power, she began to lure men to her rented out suite at the local hotel where she would bind and gag them before cutting off their penises with a cigar cutter, thus earning the nickname the Johnny Killer. After she does her work, she lets her victim bleed to death and calls Juiz to have someone clean up the mess. It is hinted that she disposes of certain body parts on the roof due to the large concentration of crows on the roof. Even though the public sees her as a misandrist who attacks random men, all of her victims are wanted and convicted rapists, doing her part to "save" Japan in a brutal manner.


Kuroha Shiratori was created by Kenji Kamiyama for the series Eden of the East. She makes her first appearance in Episode 5: Now's Not the Time to be Thinking About That. Kuroha also stars in the tie-in movies King of Eden and Paradise Lost. She is voiced by Rei Igarashi in the Japanese version and Christine Auten in the English version.

Character Evolution

At first, Kuroha comes off as a cold woman who shows no remorse for her actions as a serial killer, going so far as to sadistically taunt her captive victims before going through with the torture. Even at work, she has the aura of a vindictive woman who is willing to fire an employee for no reason and attempts to kill any one that tries to get in her way. Under this shell of cruelty, there is a soft but shattered side to Kuroha. Due to her past history with men, she is uneasy about them but willing to be kind and compassionate to any one she respects. This warmer side of Kuroha seems to be more apparent when she is in the company of herself or any one that she trusts.

Major Story Arcs

Kuroha toys with Osugi before killing him
Kuroha toys with Osugi before killing him

A few days after Akira Takizawa returns to Japan as a Selecao, Kuroha wakes up to find another dead body in the bathroom. She calmly calls Juiz to order a clean up crew as she heads in to work. While at work, she greets and puts down a group of new interns as she eats lunch. Kuroha takes note that Akira is back in Japan, commenting about how he made a bizarre purchase to make the Prime Minister say uncle and that Daiju Mononobe will certainly take notice of this purchase. At the end of the day, while walking down the road in the rain, she spots Satoshi Osugi outside a restaurant who had literally drunken himself sick. A few moments later, she is back in hotel room with Osugi, bound to a chair and mask over his head as she states her intent to kill him by chopping his penis off. After a few minutes of playing with her victim, Kuroha gets a call, annoyingly stating she has to go back to work.

While she is out, Osugi begins to take pictures of the hotel room as the Eden group are alerted to this from word of Haruo Kasuga; the evidence being clear as Osugi isn't responding to his cell phone and his bag is in one of the pictures. While the Eden group tries to figure out where he is, Kuroha orders a translator and fires one of her employees. However, on the way back to her apartment, she is pulled over by a police motorcycle as her phone goes off. Seeing that Akira made a purchase to have her arrested, she speeds off and arranges for a tanker to crash in front of him. The two go back and forth as he tries to lock her out of her room only for her to counter this.

When she gets back, she sees how Osugi has crawled from the bathroom to the bed room as she plans on killing him. Before she can, Akira storms in as confronts Kuroha, noting that they are both Selecao. Saki Morimi listens in on the conversation as Akira forgot to hang the phone up, the two going on about the situation. Kuroha mentions a rumor behind Akira being behind Careless Monday as she states she plans on killing Osugi. Akira deduces that she was hurt by a man in some way and that he can give the right love she needs. Kuroha seems to quietly accept this as Akira collapses from his injuries. By the time Saki gets to the room, she finds Kuroha has tended to his wounds and is comforting him. Kuroha comments that Saki needs to take good care of Akira and that the man is not Osugi but a wanted rapist. Before Saki can react, Kuroha escapes using an elaborate illusion.

Kuroha isn't seen again until the second missile attack launched by Ryo Yuki on Japan. She watches the display of fireworks from Akira's counter attack as she smiles, hoping that she and Akira will get to meet soon.

Other Media

King of Eden

Kuroha keeps an eye on Saki
Kuroha keeps an eye on Saki

Six months after the missile attack on Japan and Akira disappears, Kuroha heads to New York City to follow Saki to see if she can find Akira. Even though the Eden team is tracking both her and Selecao Number VI, Taishi Naomoto, Kuroha is not interested in causing any trouble. In fact she is able to get Saki out of trouble when two cops begin to follow her after Naomoto stored weapons in her luggage. Kuroha keeps her activities low key, going as far as not murdering anyone in the past few months; a fact Juiz comments on and wonders if its her fault. Kuroha knows she has changed as she continues to follow Saki and Akira once he has been found.

When Naomoto attempts to blow up Akira's apartment, Kuroha takes notice of this and calls him to warn him of the impeding danger. The tip off allows the couple to flee the apartment as Naomoto looks on with frustration. The next day, Kuroha meets with them again as they are surrounded by police in an amusement park and Naomoto is arrested by them. She explains to Akira that she is to escort him back to Japan where the late Prime Minister's wife wishes to speak with him since Akira's new identity is that of the Prime Minister's illegitimate son. Once they arrive to the airport, Kuroha notes that Daiju Mononobe has launched several missiles as Selecao Number XII is eliminated. She pieces together that the Juiz servers have been on the move since they were removed from Ato Institutes and makes a final request to Juiz: sacrifice her server in the place of Akira's. As she is promptly taken out of the game, she tells Saki that Akira will need her and to go with him.

Paradise Lost

Kuroha is seen in her hotel room as the sun sets in the horizon while dawn breaks over Japan. Saizo calls to inform all the Selecao that he was impressed by what they did and as a result, they are all declared winners in his eyes. After he finishes his speech, Saizo sends a signal that erases the listener's memories. Even though Kuroha is not shown during this event, it is clear that her memories were more than likely wiped as well.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Christine Auten
Rei Igarashi
General Information Edit
Name: Kuroha Diana Shiratori
Name: Shiratori Daiana Kuroha
Romanji: 白鳥・D・黒羽
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #5
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Johnny Killer
Selecao Number XI
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