Kuriboh is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Kuriboh is the Ultimate Pot Artisan


Not much is known about Kuriboh's origins, only that he has been considered the creator of the strongest pots in the world for some time. Before his introduction into the story, Komatsu came across one of Kuriboh's products and confirmed that Kuriboh was established as a great artisan before his introduction.


Kuriboh is a supporting protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.



Kuriboh is a very large man, bigger than Toriko in both height and girth. He was large enough to hold Nakaume and later Setsuno in one hand. He's quite husky but muscular at the same time. He has light skin and black hair in a top knot with a thin beard and mustache.


Kuriboh takes his assignments very seriously. He was a triple agent so to speak, being a member of the 0th Biotope loyal to Ichiryuu, pretending to be a secret member of NEO that was pretending to be a loyal 0th Biotope member. When in the presence of other NEO members, Kuriboh acts like a ruthless man and feints that he is willing to harm innocent people.


Ichiryuu - Kuriboh seems to have earned a high degree of trust from President Ichiryuu even among the 0th Biotope members. It was implied that Ichiryuu instructed Kuriboh to feint betrayal to infiltrate the NEO organization since they had sent spies within their own ranks, and did not consider Kuroboh to have possibly been the spy.

Story Arcs

Bubble Fruit Arc

Kuriboh makes his first appearance at a 0th Biotope meeting held by President Ichiryuu. After discussing that there was likely a rat in the 0th Biotope as well as the status of their individual missions, Ichiryuu concluded the meeting, but called only Kuriboh back to speak with him alone. It is presumed that Ichiryuu asked Kuriboh to be a double agent to spy on NEO, the organization that was spying on them.

Cooking Festival Arc

Kuriboh is seen at the Cooking Festival apparently keeping an eye on Kousairou, who was suspected as being a traitor. However he is seen shortly after in a meeting with various NEO members alongside Kousairou, indicating that he was a traitor as well. He asked if it would be ok to kill Nakaume since he stumbled upon their meeting accidentally. but Mahmai Moi told him not to as he valued him as a chef. Kuriboh then asks for assistance as it would e needed if they were to take down National Treasure Setsuno.

After the Bishokukai invaded the island, Kuriboh used this chance to ambush Setsuno and he grabbed her with his Nise Nabe technique. While restrained, Setsuno was also attacked by Kousairou and Cooking King Zaus, who was also a part of NEO. Despite the ambush, none of the techniques worked on Setsuno and she broke out of Kuriboh's technique then angrily threatened the three of them. Some time later, Kuriboh is seen on the ground and Zaus slightly bloodied. Setsuno was apparently dominating against all 3 men of top caliber. However the battle was cut short by the arrival of Dark Chef Joa, who took on Setsuno and nearly succeeded in defeating her, but Knocking Master Jirou also arrived and countered him. After an immensely powerful struggle, which halted everyone on the island, Joa's battle with Setsuno and Jirou was also cut short by the impending arrival of Bishokukai Boss Midora's Meteor Spice technique, which began laying waste to the Human World. Joa sent his Tokage beast to recruit all NEO members on the island before they were destroyed by the spice. However when it approached Kuriboh, he dashed away at great speed, leaving an after image behind. This once again indicated that Kuriboh was indeed still loyal to the 0th Biotope and was only pretending to have betrayed them.

Powers & Abilities

As a member of the Elite 0th Biotope, Kuriboh must have incredible strength. He is able to enter the Gourmet World at will which is something that only the strongest people in the world are capable of doing.

Artisan Skill - Kuriboh is a top level artisan and is considered the greatest maker of strong pots in the world.

Nise Nabe - Kuriboh grabs the opponent with his pan, but it is created to such a masterful degree that it is indiscernible from Kuriboh's arm and hand. Given it's high durability, it is hard to escape from or destroy, and it gives Kuriboh extra defense since he does not have to use his own armd and hand. However it was not strong enough to resist Setsuno's power and she warped it with her Pressure Cooker instantly.

General Information Edit
Name: Kuriboh
Name: 栗坊
Romanji: Kuribō
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases The Ultimate Pot Artisan
Maker of the World's Strongest Pots
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Weapon Master
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Super Speed
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Attractive Male
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