Kurau Phantom Memory

Kurau Phantom Memory is an anime series
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A girl named Kurau suffers an accident at the age of 12,during an experiment in her father's lab, now her body is inhabitated by a life form named Rynax.


Kurau Phantom Memory (クラウ ファントムメモリー Kurau Fantomu Memorī) is a science fiction anime series, produced in 2004 by Bones and Media Factory, and broadcasted in Japan by Animax and TV Asahi. The series was licensed by A.D. Vision then transferred to Funimation Entertainment.


By the year 2100, humans have colonized the Moon and appear to have solved most of their problems on Earth, too. Mankind even seems to have the ecology issue licked, with Earth divided into inhabited areas called METROPOLIS and green "support" areas known as ECOLOGIA. But every Eden breeds its serpents, and despite there being no poverty, there's still crime. A group of special agents is tasked to deal with crimes that the Global Police Organization can't handle. 22-year-old Kurau Amami is a highly skilled and successful agent, but still lonely and emotionally immature. She has good reason- she's a rare being, a human-alien hybrid created by accident. In her case, the accident happened in her father's lab ten years before when her body was possessed by a transdimensional life form called Rynax, making her a Ryna-Sapien. Rynaxes live in the microscopic spaces between their partner's atoms. If they can escape into our world, they can make anything they touch decompose. They bestow superhuman physical abilities: Kurau can fly, make solids decompose, and defeat giant robots without even wearing armor. But there's a price to be paid in the style of Elfen Lied: normal people fear her and she's lonely and friendless. Then, on Christmas Day, Kurau gets her best ever present. Light pours from her body, and a girl who is the image of her 12-year-old self materializes before her eyes. She seems completely ordinary. Kurau names her Christmas and enjoys having a younger "sister" around to ease her loneliness. Then other Rynaxes try to emerge from her body, and the Government decides she's becomes a destructive virus who must be exterminated along with her Rynax other self. Determined to protect Christmas from mankind, and mankind from the destructive abilities of the Rynax, Kurau has a fight on her hands. The girls flee around the world, and even to the Moon, and on the way they meet other Ryna-Sapiens and other Rynaxes. It seems the two species can coexist, even though not everyone on either side wants to. Director Irie, who also directed Alien 9, another show about symbiotic relationships between humans and aliens, says the theme of the show is communication-between different life-forms or just people with totally different perspectives. By getting others to see that Christmas isn't a threat and that she isn't to be feared, Kurau can overcome her own loneliness and finally become a mature, happy woman. Compare to Birdy the Mighty and its ultimate inspiration, Ultraman. LNV


Opening Theme:
"Natsukashii Umi" by Akino Arai
Ending Theme:
"Moonlight" by Katsuki Yukari [S.E.N.S.]
"Moonlight" by Yukari Katsuki

Cast and Voice actors

CharactersVoice actors
Boone, Jessica

Kobayashi, Misa
Amami, Kurau
Kawasumi, Ayako

Rial, Monica
Series Credits

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General Information Edit
Name Kurau Phantom Memory
Name: クラウ ファントムメモリー
Publisher BONES
Start Year 2004
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