Kunoichi Rumble: The Rivals Get Serious!

Kunoichi Rumble: The Rivals Get Serious! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 07/16/2003
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Chunin Exams Arc

Kunoichi Rumble: The Rivals Get Serious! - ライバル激突!オトメ心は本気モード (Raibaru gekitotsu! Otome gokoro wa honki mōdo)


Opening Theme-

"Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

The third match of the primarily has started the opponents are Kankuro the ninja from the Sand and Misumi Tsurugi from the Leaf village. They both have the same idea of finishing the match off quickly. Misumi makes the first move by using his chakra he is able to dislocate his bones and stretch them and coils around Kankuro in a inescapable move. He tells Kankuro that he will keep strangling him until he gives up, or he will end up breaking his neck. He asks Kankuro if he is going to give up and Kankuro tells him no, that he is the one that is going to die.

Feeling carried away Misumi ends up breaking Kankuro's neck. Thinking it was over Kankuro's head begins to move and show that Misumi broke the neck of his puppet. The puppet ends up getting a tight grip on Misumi. The real Kankuro was hiding in the wrappings of his puppet holder. Kankuro begins to make the puppet grip tighter to where Misumi gives up. Kankuro tells him he can make his bones and he could become even softer. Misumi becomes unable to fight anymore and the winner of the third match is Kankuro.

Naruto asks Kakashi if it was a fair fight two against one. Kakashi tells him that it is fair since it is only a doll. Sakura adds to it by telling him it is just like tool, like a shuriken. Sakura begins to feel a little afraid since everyone can use their chakra so well.

It seems everyone gets time for a break and Sakura is in the bathroom, putting water in her hair. When she sees Ino in the mirror, Ino asks her is she is scared, and that she should retire from the primarily matches. Sakura remembers what she did to her hair and tells herself that she can do her best too. She tells Ino that she can not wait for her turn.

Once everyone is back they move along to the fourth match which is Ino Vs Sakura. They both are shocked that they have to go against each other. They start the match and go back and fourth of hitting and blocking. As the other teams watch, Shikamaru thinks the match is useless, and Neji adds on to say that they are female so that is why their skills are lower. Ten Ten tells them that it is not because they are female it is just that they are two soft on one another.

The two of them are still fighting when Ino hits Sakura in the stomach and sees she has an opening. But before she could hit her, she sees the younger version of Sakura and stops herself.

They end up having a flash back to when they were younger. They had an assignment to arrange flowers for their cla$$ Sakura tells Ino that she is not good at these things at all. Ino goes on to tell her that she should pick a main flower and the get extra ones to go around it. That the flowers shouldn't fight to be number one. While they sit there another girl from their cla$$ comes to pick on Sakura. Ino ends up throwing three flowers steams in her mouth, and tells her that she mistake her for a vase, so that is why she put flowers in her. Ino also tells her that there is poison in them so she should spit them out, the girls end up running to tell the teacher. Ino tells Sakura that only the roots have poison in them, and starts to laugh. Sakura starts to compare herself to Ino and asks her if she is a cosmos then does that make her a thoroughwort. Ino tells her that she is just a bud right now, and Sakura agrees.

After the flash back, Sakura tells Ino that she has no intention of fighting her over Saskue, because her and Saskue don't match. And that she is stronger then her now, and that she wasn't even a rival anymore to her. Ino screams and her and asks her if she knows who she is talking too, and calls her a cry baby.

Naruto ends up a little frighten by what was going on that maybe Sakura had said to much because Ino's eyes were crazy. Kakashi tells him that he is wrong, and that Sakura doesn't want Ino to go easy on her.

Sakura ends up having a flash back of when her and Ino were talking about flowers. And Sakura asks Ino why she gave her the ribbon for her hair. Ino tells her, because she did not won't to see her fade away like a bud. That buds are more useful when they bloom, because they could turn out to be even prettier then a cosmos. Sakura goes on to tell herself that she has always believed in those words she had told her. And that she wanted to be like Ino, and having been that way is what got her there. Sakura wanted Ino to fight her seriously.

Sakura ends up taking off her head band. Naruto is still confused about what is going on, Kakashi realizes that he doesn't notice it is the same thing when he picks a quarrel with Saskue. He goes on to say that rivalry is a mysterious thing. Gai ends up looking his way and Kakashi waves and says hi.

The girls end up having the flash back of when they finally got their teams. And Sakura tells Ino that she is not going to loose to her anymore, and Ino tells her the same thing. Sakura decides to give Ino back her ribbon that she gave her. Ino tells her that she gave her that ribbon to put on her head, and that the head band goes on her forehead. Sakura tells her that she no longer the girl that has been chasing her, and that she was not going to loose to her as a female ninja.

Ino finally understand what Sakura wants to do. They both put their head bands on their foreheads, and decide to use their full powers and have a fair fight.

Ending Theme-

"Harmonia (ハルモニア)" by Rythem

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