Shaman King #2 - Kung-Fu Master

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 03/04/1999

Plot Summary

Yoh Asakura gets reminded about the Shaman King tournament by Anna, his fiancée. After a brutal training regimen from Anna, Yoh, Manta, Amidamaru and Anna take a break when they get movie tickets for free to watch Lee Pailong's movies. As the movie ends, Yoh fights Jun Tao's corpse puppet who turns out to be Pailong. Eventually, Yoh defeats Pailong with Manta's bokken (stolen from Ryu). Pailong attacks Jun in rage until Yoh, who has Sha Wen integrated with him, defeat him again. Pailong and Jun become partners after they reach an agreement and to reach Pailong's dreams of mastering his martial arts style.


Japanese Release Date: March 4, 1999

American Release Date: January 21, 2004

Reincarnation 9 -The Shaman King - シャーマンキング - (Shāman kingu)

Reincarnation 10 -Shaman Ambition - おシャマなシャーマン - (Oshama na shāman)

Reincarnation 11 - The Shaman Life - シャーマンライフ - (Shāman raifu)

Reincarnation 12 - Kung-Fu Master - カンフーマスター - (Kanfū masutā)

Reincarnation 13 - The Corpse Puppet - 屍人形 - (Shikabane ningyō)

Reincarnation 14 - Run, Manta, Run - 走れまん太 - (Hashire Manta)

Reincarnation 15 - Fists of Rage - パイロン怒りの一発 - (Pairon ikari no ippatsu)

Reincarnation 16 - Raising the Dead - クチヨセ - (Kuchiyose)

Reincarnation 17 - Bailong’s Path to Dao Dan Do - パイロン導弾道への道 - (Pairon daodandō e no michi)


Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 9 - The Shaman King

Due to the strain put on him by his battle with Tao Ren Yoh has been hospitalized. As he sleeps Yoh has a flashback to when he was a child learning from his grandfather in the mountains. Yoh recalls how he was unwilling at first to learn from his grandfather, but after hearing about one spirit that rules over everything else. As he learns about the King of Spirits and his ally, the Shaman King Yoh becomes determined to become the the next Shaman King. Unfortunately he just wants it to be lazy, and is struck for the second time during the flashback by his grandfather. Yoh awakens and explains what he is thinking about to Manta and Amidamaru before his greatest threat arrives. As his room's door opens in steps a young woman who complains about all the commotion. Before Yoh can stop him Manta steps up and gets smacked senseless and the reader is introduced to Anna, Yoh fiancee.

Reincarnation 10 - Shaman's Ambition

After their pleasantries are finished Anna explains how she managed to find Yoh, and again slaps manta when he gets out of control. Annoyed she sends him off to find the vending machines. Yoh sneaks from his room while Manta is on an errand to get drinks and talks to his friend. Yoh explains the there has been a new Shaman King appear about every 500 years, and that they show up to lead man to a new age of enlightenment. As the two get back to the room they are welcomed by the sight of Anna holding Amidamaru hostage. As Yoh begins to protest what has happened Anna gets back in his face. Anna demands to know if Yoh plans on continuing at his level or if he is willing to let her help him so that they can achieve new levels of power for his next fight. As Anna finishes she explains that Tokyo is the chosen sight for the next tournament and that they need to prepare.

Reincarnation 11 - The Shaman's Life

After returning to school Manta and Yoh begin to talk about Yoh's new training, or as they both describe it torture. Yoh is ready to return to the simple part of life, school. Unfortunately Anna isn't ready for him to have a break and joins their class, effectively extending Yoh's training. Elsewhere in the city Ryu and his gang of misfits have found an old Chinese restaurant that they want to make into their new happy place since they lost the cemetery to Yoh. Their celebration is shortly lived though as the owner of the restaurant returns home and attacks. After cutting off another portion of Ryu's pompadour and sending the group out running Ren turns to Bason and scolds him for not keeping them out. As Ren's anger hit's it's peak he becomes aware of his visitor, Tao Jun. Jun offers to catch her little brother Yoh's spirit partner Amidamaru if it will help him calm down to prepare for the shaman fight.

Reincarnation 12 - Kung- Fu Master

Yoh, Anna, and Manta are enjoying a free movie featuring the legendary martial artist Li Bailong. After the movie has finished the group stops to eat nearby. Manta explains everything he knows about Li Bailong and his mysterious death.His overzealous explanations only land him more grief from Anna. As they leave the theater Anna begins to wonder why they were chosen for the free tickets, her answer comes soon after as Tao Jun steps in and introduces herself. Jun explains that she sent the tickets so that they could see what her spirit allies was capable of. As she finishes talking a tall figure appears as Li Bailong enters to fight Yoh displaying his unearthly speed and power with his nunchuku.

Reincarnation 13 - The Corpse Puppet

Things get ugly for Yoh as Bailong proves that he is very efficient and unparalleled in close range fighting. Bailong lays into Yoh beating unconscious temporarily as Jun explains her ability to join a soul with it's body to give it a perfect integration and then bend it's soul to do her bidding. Before she makes another command for Bailong Yoh awakens and steps up to fight again. Yoh brags that he won't be beaten by anyone and that Bailong's attacks were empty because his heart wasn't behind them. As he stands to fight again Yoh calls to Bailong and offers to set Bailong's soul free.

Reincarnation 14 - Run, Manta, Run!

Yoh tries to go on the offensive, but it proves futile as Bailong is still too fast and has the close range advantage. Yoh starts to take a severe beating from Bailong as Jun's Death Sentence seal is activated on Bailong. Jun becomes angry with how long it is taking for Bailong to finish off Yoh and commands Bailong to hurry up finish off Yoh. Manta looks at his friend and takes in what Amidamaru says about needing something with an actual sword or at least the handle from a sword. As Bailong approaches again Manta does the first thing that comes to his mind, he runs. Even with Jun's torments heavy on his back Manta runs, but not away from the fight, he runs on looking for a sword. Mata hits a shop he figured would still be open but finds it closed. Unsure of what to do Manta begins to head for another shop, but suddenly he sees a wooden sword and hugs onto it. Unfortunately for him the wooden sword belongs to Wooden Sword Ryu. After taking a beating himself manta finally can't stand anymore and attacks Ryu and scares off his gang, claiming his prize the wooden sword and returns to Yoh. Yoh and Amidamaru accept the gift and attack Bailong again using Amidamaru's ultimate attack the Shock Wave Buddha- Giri.

Reincarnation 15 - Fists of Rage

Yoh's and Amidamaru's attack pays off as Bailong's hat and the Corpse Puppet Tag are removed from him , setting him free of Tao Jun's control. Bailong comes to his senses like he has awoken from a bad dream and looks about trying to make sense of what has happened and why he is in this strange city. As Yoh and the others watch Bailong breaks into a violent rage and attacks Jun after realizing it was her family that had killed him. Yoh steps in to try and protect Jun offering Bailong the opportunity to relax and find peace in his after life. Unfortunately Bailong is too angry so he attacks the first person he sees, determined to kill Yoh. Bailong's rage proves too much for the now disarmed Yoh and Amidamaru so Anna steps in.

Reincarnation 16 - Raising the Dead

Anna begins asking Jun and Manta for anyone who could have defeated Bailong. Jun swears that it is useless and they are doomed to which she is promptly smacked by Anna. Manta comes through though as he recalls Sha- Wen was Bailong's teacher and that he could possibly beat him. Anna begins to o into her trance as she summons up the spirit of Sha- Wen and channels him into her beads and calls for Yoh so that he can integrate with the new spirit. The plans seems to be going well until they realize that Sha- Wen was ninety six when he passed away. Anna of course blames Manta whom she has punched in the face as Bailong descends upon Yoh. Surprising though the old spirit is very fast and a lot more competent than he at first lets on as he dodges Bailong's attacks and even sends him flying across the street with one pf his own attacks. Sha- Wen comments on how Bailong's rage has blinded him and takes his fighting stance.

Reincarnation 17 - Bailong's Path to the Dao Dan Do

Bailong and the Sha- Wen possessed Yoh fight each other. Yoh manages to defeat Pailong and calm him down. Pailong decides not to pass on to the afterlife, and he asks Jun to partner up with him to master his Dao Dan Do since he still has a body.


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