Kujo Kazuya

Kujo Kazuya is a anime/manga character in the GOSICK franchise
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The protagonist of Gosick. He is the third son of an imperial soldier who goes to school at St. Marguerite in Saubure, Europe.


Kujo is the third son of an imperial soldier in his family, and he is of Japanese heritage.


Kujo Kazuya is created by Hinata Takeda, and he has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Gosick light novel 1, volume 1, and episode 1. His Japanese voice actor is Takuya Eguchi.



Kujo Kazuya has an average figure that is not scrawny nor buff. Unlike his classmates and due to his Japanese heritage, he has brown eyes and brown hair.


Kujo is a strong-willed person who takes pride in being known as the "Son of an Imperial Soldier". however, as the story moves on, and his friendship with Victorique and later Avril deepens, so does his desire to protect them and honor their friendship, as shown on multiple occasions where he promises to protect Victorique on the basis that she is his friend.


Even though Kujo finds Victorique hard to please (cure her boredom), he finds her as a friend. During the Harminia incident, he worries if he cannot be together with Victorique. Their friendship blooms after this incident.

Story Arc

Initially, Kujo is known in the academy as The Dark Reaper of the Spring, based off a local Saubure legend. He befriends his teacher Cécile Lafitte, who suggests him to go to the school library. while researching some of the local legends, he noticed a golden hair on the ground, and looked up, showing the library has a higher level, and goes to investigate, climbing the multiple cases of stairs, nearly tiring him out.

Kujo sees Victorique for the first time.
Kujo sees Victorique for the first time.

He meets Victorique at the top of the school library. Initially, his reaction to her was that he thought she was a doll, and when she talked, it promptly freaked him out, and ran off.

however, he returned the next day at noon, as she requested, he meets up with her and Grevil de Blois. From then onwards, he meets up with her at the tower to bring her sweets or to give her another mystery to solve, to ease her boredom. He also accompanies Victorique whenever she leaves the tower and the academy. He is very protective of her, even risking his life to protect her, and has developed a close friendship with her.

Kazuya and Avril.
Kazuya and Avril.

Later in the story, he rescues another foreign student named Avril Bradley, who was kidnapped and left to die by a Thief named Kieran II, who had a startling resemblance to her. Avril saw him as her Knight in Armour, and quickly became friends with him, which further deepened with their love for ghost stories. The two are often paired together in the absence of Victorique, with further suggestions that she has romantic interest to Kazuya.

Powers and Abilities

Other Media

Gosick Dolls
Gosick Dolls

He has a figurine made in his image. His doll costs 92,000 Yen while Victorique costs 97,800 Yen in the image on the right.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Takuya Eguchi
General Information Edit
Name: Kujo Kazuya
Name: 久城 一弥
Romanji: Kujō Kazuya
Gender: Male
Birthday: 09/02/1910
1st manga book: GOSICK (Light Novel) #1
1st anime episode: Gosick #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Dark Reaper of the Spring
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Attractive Male
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