Koutetsu Sangokushi

Koutetsu Sangokushi is an anime series in the Koutetsu Sangokushi franchise
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Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 25
Riku Hakugen dances on Gojougen where red stars are falling
1 - 24
Ryuubi`s weeping gives a new light to the field
1 - 23
Son Chuubou, in the snowfield, follows Rikuson to escape from his homeland
1 - 22
Ryuubi goes insane and becomes a frozen shadow, wandering in Koutou
1 - 21
Kouryou`s setting sun seiyes a warrior`s soul
1 - 20
Amou of Go rises from obscurity by using his young wisdom
1 - 19
Courageous Taishiji stands tall on the earth of the Central Plains
1 - 18
The sworn brothers of the peach garden see the flower of ties in the fields and mountains of Shoku
1 - 17
Reunion at the thatched hut, the deep connection between masted and disciple, wedged together in Ekishuu
1 - 16
Kan`u`s roar strikes Rikuson which forces him to hold determination
1 - 15
Gloomy Rikuson vows to recover with Sonken`s smile
1 - 14
The wail of Son Go wavers from repose offered by the Six Steeds
1 - 13
Bi Shuurou stands upon the battlefield to guide Rikuson
1 - 12
Ingenuity and cunning, the sound of the ominous flute reverberates across the lake shore
1 - 11
Go`s Six Steeds cause the dawn over Choukou to gleam red
1 - 10
Sou Moutoku pushes a red wall, drawing near Son Go
1 - 9
The young warriors assemble at Koutou`s hills and rivers for training
1 - 8
Shokatsuryou Koumei inspires Sonken of Go with his idea
1 - 7
A bewildered Rikuson sees the light in a reunion with his teacher
1 - 6
In his sorrow, Kannei of Suzu shoots an arrow into the battlefield

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