Kousairou is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Also known as the "Gourmet Hermit", he was part of the IGO's 0th Biotope up until he betrayed them revealing his true allegiance to the organization NEO.


Kousairou's origin is completely unknown, but at some point in the past he became known as the "Gourmet Hermit" and then became a member of the dark organization NEO, while also infiltrating the IGO's 0th Biotope.


Kousairou was created to serve as a minor antagonist in Toriko by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro.

Character Evolution


Kousairou has the appearance of an elderly man, with long white hair, an equally long white mustache, and a long white beard. He also appears to lack pupils in his eyes, it’s unknown however if this is due to blindness or some other reason.

His attire is very simple, consisting of a white robe, which he then switches out later on for a black coloured variant


Kousairou is a relatively calm and collected individual, and even in combat he remains unfazed which allows him to act with certainty. He also seemed to show general concern for the chefs at the Cooking Festival when he offered to protect them from the Gourmet Corps at the 0 Biotope meeting, claiming they are treasures. Due to his betrayal, it’s not known if this personality was simply a ruse to mask his true intentions or not.

Major Story Arcs

Bubble Fruit Arc

Kousairou is seen in the Gourmet World, at the Headquarters of the 0th Biotope at the request of Ichiryuu who wished to have a meeting with all of its members. During the meeting inquires as to how close he is was to learning the location of Acacia’s drink, ATOM, which he said he was close to finding, the news of which pleased Ichiryuu. Later as the meeting concluded, Kousairou volunteered himself to watch over and protect the chefs at the Cooking Festival, claiming that they were the treasures of the Gourmet Age, a request Ichiryuu allows due to his confidence in him.

Cooking Festival Arc

Having volunteered to watch over the chefs at the Cooking Festival, Kousairou is seen amongst the massive crowd in the stadium as festival began. It’s later revealed however that Kousairou was a double agent whose true allegiance lay with another organization called NEO. He was seen meeting with a few of its high ranking members, such as Colonel Mokkoi, Darnil Kahn, and Mahmai Moi, as things started to heat up during the festival, with the sudden attack of the Gourmet Corps. They were meeting in a darkened room inside the stadium itself. Chef Zaus then appeared requesting assistance in order to take down fellow chef and Gourmet National Treasure Setsuno.

Kousairou then went out to assist Zaus in killing Setsuno, with the further assistance of Kuriboh, another member of the 0th Biotope who seemingly defected to NEO. Upon arriving during Setsuno’s battle with Chiyo, Kuriboh restrained Setsuno in his hand, while Kousairou used his Calorie Consumption ability on her, which was followed by a vicious slash from Zaus. Setsuno however, unfazed by this begins to question them as to their actions and tells them that they should be careful with their replies. As Setsuno begins to question Zaus as to his betrayal, he stabs Chiyo in her chest to prove a point and before Chiyo could counter attack, Kousairou once again steps in and uses his Calorie Consumption ability which makes her fall unconscious. Setsuno enraged by their actions begins to battle them with rage.

After an unseen battle, Kousairou and Zaus appear to be struggling against Setsuno. Upon the arrival of Joa, Kousairou is seen injured from his battle with Setsuno, and after Jirou activates his grand knocking he is one of the many affected by it leaving him immobile and paralyzed. And later as Ichiryuu’s loss to Midora brings the fall of the Meteor Spice down on the Human World, Joas pet Tokage appears to retrieve all of the members of NEO currently at the Cooking Festival, including Kousairou.

He is later seen along with numerous other member of NEO at their Headquarters in the Gourmet World discussing the events that had occurred, and noted that Ichiryuu must have been feeding them false information having managed to get spies inside NEO. After Joas speech, he along with the rest of NEO head out as part of a “celebration”.

Powers and Abilities


Kousairou is a very powerful individual, noted by his rank as a member of the 0th Biotope making him fully capable of entering and surviving in the very deadly and dangerous Gourmet World. And he is a highly valued part of their military strength, as Ichiryuu trusted him enough to let him be the sole protector of the chefs at the Cooking Festival. His strength is briefly shown during his battle with Setsuno, and despite being on the fence against her with help he was able to deal some damage against the Gourmet National Treasure.

He also appears to be a highly knowledgeable man, having information, and the skills to decipher said information, about the location of Acacia’s drink, ATOM.


Food Technique – Calorie Consumption – With this Kousairou is able to drain a large amount of energy, or calories, from his opponent. In the case of Setsuno, he noted himself to have drained around 10 million kilocalories. He activates this by placing a paper seal on the forehead of his opponent and then draining their energy.

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Name: Kousairou
Name: 光才老(こうさいろう)
Romanji: Kousairou
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Gourmet Hermit
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