Kourin ~ Angel of Glory

Kourin ~ Angel of Glory is an anime episode of Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin that was released on 05/14/2009
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From heaven, Nanael receives a new task. However, she ends up aiding Reina's enemies. As she realizes her mistake, she swiftly rejoins the three and defeats them. Heaven gives Nanael a new mandate, and perhaps Reina will now see some relief.
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Plot Summary

Nanael finds herself dragged back to Heaven and sent before the head angel, Seraphim. Seraphim chastises Nanael for being pretty much useless throughout the series, and tells her that the one Queen's Blade fight she did manage to officiate was tainted because she tricked Reina and Claudette into fighting each other. The head angel tries to impress upon Nanael the importance of the tournament, but she falls asleep during the explanation. As a result, Seraphim considers just dropping her into Hell, but instead gives her one last chance by spying on the Swamp Witch through her three servants Melona (demonic bunnygirl with acid-shooting boobies), Menace (huge-breasted Japanese Cleopatra), and Airi (ghost maid with big-ass scythe).

Nanael heads off to the castle of the evil Swamp Witch with her friend Hachi in tow. However, she gets sapped by a giantic lightning bolt as Hachi gets nearly drowned by a swamp-based tentacle monster. Luckily, Reina conveniently shows up and drags Hachi out with her belt.

Nanael lands in a hot spring and decides to hang her dress on a nearby tree branch and relax. When the three stooges of the Swamp Witch show up to take a skinny dip in the same spring and compare breast sizes, Nanael tries to listen in, but ends up fainting from the heat of the spring. As the three start verbally pecking at each other, a giant pair of buttcheeks pops up in between them. Airi pokes said cheeks with her scythe to reveal the unconscious body of Nanael attached to them.

Nanael wakes up and immediately botches her mission by telling them everything, but then tries to fix it by selling out Reina despite not knowing where she is. Hachi watches from afar, but notes that the information Nanael is getting is stuff they already knew before. Still, Nanael is able to distract them long enough to escape. However, Hachi plays with her head and Nanael decides to go back and kick their asses in an actual fight scene.

Back in heaven, the head angel notes that Nanael failed in her mission by getting no new information about the Swamp Witch. Normally, this is where she'd send her to Hell. But because Hachi begged her, Nanael is punished instead by losing her powers and being sent to Earth to watch Reina. On top of that, Seraphim hands Nanael a bottle of "Sacred Milk" and tells her that if the bottle becomes empty, she will be sent to Hell anyways. Nanael continues her tradition of failure by falling right on top of Reina and spilling half of the milk all over her.


  • Japanese Name: "Kōrin ~ Kōmyō no Tenshi" (降臨~光明の天使)
  • Opening Theme: "Get the Door" by Rie Ohashi
  • Ending Theme: "Memories and Promises" - Omoide to Yakusoku (思い出と約束) by Ayako Kawasumi, Mamiko Noto, and Aya Hirano

Characters & Voice Actors

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