Kotori Hasutani

Kotori Hasutani is a anime/manga character in the Cat Paradise franchise
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The current Vice President of the Matabi Academy Student Council and childhood friend of Kaiya Yamamoto, Kotori feels that problems should be worked out through words instead of violence. She is the owner of her cat Musashimaru and has the ability to create unique "food" that grants powers to her cat.


Her flashback occurs when she and Yumi get attack by Bangai, the boar. Her origin is about how her parents divorced without talking it through. She wish to have the power to make people talk things through which Princess Futakago answered.


Kotori Hasutani is created by Yuuji Iwahara, and she has no information regarding any inspiration used by Iwahara to create her at this moment. She first appears in Cat Paradise volume 1. In the drama CD, her Japanese voice actress is Akemi Kanda.

Story Arcs

Volume One

Kotori is seen during the opening ceremony of Matabi academy. Later on, Tsukumo Isshu attacks Yumi and Nanako. She and her student council try to keep the fox demon at bay, but the fox demon summons more of its allies. Though, Yumi and Kansuke's wishes are answered by Princess Futakago, and Kansuke defeats the fox demon. Afterwards, Kotori talks to Yumi about prophecies, wishes, and the demon beast Kaen in the park while the vice president passes by thema and tells them to head home. Suddenly, the Fox demon who possesses the vice president summons Bangai the boar to attack Kotori and Yumi. Kotori tries to talk with the boar, but the boar attacks. She cooks Butaman to make her cat, Masashimaru, a giant. When the boar gets knocked down by her cat, the boar refuses to back down, and Shin appear and slices the boar in half with a single stroke of his katana.



Power of Butaman
Power of Butaman

Kotori has the power to make what she cooks into a power up. One example is her Butaman, a steamed bun with pork meat inside. Her cat, Masashimaru, eats it to become a giant cat.

  • Butaman - Causes Mashishimaru to become enormous.
General Information Edit
Name: Kotori Hasutani
Name: 蓮谷小鳥
Romanji: Hasutani Kotori
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Cat Paradise #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Kotori
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