Kon's summer of Tears

Kon's summer of Tears is an anime episode of And Yet The Town Moves that was released on 12/16/2010


"Josephine's Summer" vol. 2 chapter 19

Yukimi, Hotori's father starts the day by walking out Josephine. In this matinal promenade he comes across some neighbours that warn him about a storm coming. Later that day Hotori has to attend another extra class with teacher Moriaki, who keeps explaining math time and time again and she's still clueless, leaving him in rage. When Hotori later came back home, she took Josephine on a walk and meets with Kon and Harue. Them both starting making fun of her by having a racoon pet. At night when she went to sleep, dreamt of Josephine going away. Afraid of this might be true she desperately runs to the pet house which was empty, meanwhile inside the house all her family is intrigued by her behavior outside in the rain.

"The Silent Rage of Kon-sempai" vol.6 chapter 49

Hotori spends the day at Futaba's house, but when Futaba comes home, she finds Hotori making herself at home, using her bed, the AC.among others. Futaba's inner rage is growing until the point when Hotori asks to put sugar in the food, the anger is relieved trough a face of terror. The next day Tatsuno is waiting for Sanada to appear at the Seaside Café. Hotori out in the beach with Futaba, and Tatsuno is relieved that

Hotori can't interfere in her plans with Sanada, until a storm ruins everyone's day. Then is shown the same scene as at the begginning of the episode when Kon and Hotori are in the beach and a storm comes...

"Binbou-kun"- Mr. Poorman

During the epsidode, some original story by the author Ishiguro Masakazu pops out. The story in comic pages style runs little gags about Mr. Poorman and Mr. Richman disagreements.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masakazu Ishiguro Original Concept Creator of the Sore Machi (Yet, the town keeps Turning) manga series.
Akiyuki Shinbo Director Akiyuki Shinbo is an anime director.
Katsuhiko Takayama Series Composition
Kenichi Imaizumi Storyboard


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